Friday, April 1, 2011

♥.•*¨ A is for . . .

Arlee Bird!
He (along with others) is holding the MOST awesomest A to Z for the month of April festival!

Not only that, but I'd like to start out with a writing tip:


What is it?

It is a writing tool that empowers emotion as well as builds tension.


I thought I had locked the front door. I thought that the driveway was clear. I thought it was only a bump, until I heard his little scream.

What is your favorite technique?

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  1. I love your post.

    I wish it was easier on my poor eyes tho...:)

    All the best for the atoz challenge !

  2. Cool post! I love anaphora as well. I also love foreshadowing. Good luck in the challenge. :)

  3. Cute post. I use setting and foreshadowing and I exaggerate a lot. :P

  4. Great post, Liz! I use that technique a LOT. Had no idea it had a name, lol. :)

  5. lol Great start. My eyes hurt too hehe :o)

  6. Good start to the challenge - there's certainly no mistaking that it's the letter A today :D

  7. Hi,

    Oh no: my heart's palpitating!


  8. Never heard of that term before. Thanks, interesting post.
    Moody Writing Blog

  9. I've never heard the term either (although I think I may have done it!) Thanks for putting a name to it, and for the examples. I may be seeing 'A's in my sleep tonight :-)
    All best

  10. Hi Elizabeth .. great looking post - must work out how to get the black off .. Madeleine mentioned it ... I'd never heard of Anaphora either .. so thanks .. Cheers Hilary

  11. I've used that technique though I didn't know it. LOL I like alliteration. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to reading your posts.

    Visiting from A to Z. Happy Friday! :o)

  12. Hooray for Anaphora!!!! I love your example too!!!!

    Take care

  13. Very clever post. So many different and interesting ways of approaching this challenge. Kind regards, Carole.

  14. Another new word to add to my growing list. :) Thanks, and nice start.

  15. Nice first post for the challenge! I liked the quirky way you typed it out...memorable, for sure!

  16. Anaphora is probably on of my favorite techniques---one of the earliest I remember using naturally without even realizing there was a name for it.

  17. Damyanti! Oh no! I'm sorry. Is it the BIG A's in there? :(

    Melissa, I've yet to perfect how to create foreshadowing without being obvious. Ugh...

    Jenn, great! I would love to hear how you exaggerate! <3

    Ali, that's great! You're a fantastic writer and it really brings it out. ;)

    Niki... Oh, I'm sorry. :(

    Trisha, thank you!

    Lou, thank you!

    Francine, yikes! I hope it feels better. :D

    Mood, you're welcome. I'm glad to be of inspiration of sorts. ;)

    Karla, you're welcome. Yes, tons of As today! :D

    Hilary, oh no! So the black is not a good thing? Ack! :/

    Seams, you're welcome! Hey, it'll be fun! :D

    Jennifer, thank you! That example makes me sad, but it creates great mood. :)

    Carole, thank you! I look forward to reading yours. :)

    busy91, thank you! ;)

    Varmit, lol, thanks! It's like that for ALL my alphabet posts. I hope I don't burn people's eye brains out by the end of the month. :(

    Nicki, that's great! Don't you just love discovering a genius and then find out there's a term for it? Good for you! <3

  18. Fun post. I’ve used the technique but didn't know it's name.

    A-Z Fellow Challenger
    Holly Ruggiero’sPOV

  19. Cool I'll have to google that word... Anaphora. I love the technique but didn't have a name for it:) Is it considered a rhetoric device?

  20. this is a very fun post! look at all those A's

    I'm working my way through the A-Z and wanted to say hello

  21. ooh this is a good blog post! I probably use amphigory a lot because it makes me smile:))

  22. Yay for typographic blogging! :-)

  23. You've offered a useful tip on your first day and suggested a powerful book. As Donald Maass indicates in The Fire In Fiction, tension is necessary in every scene, not just at the end of a chapter.

  24. Great technique! Love the look of your blog. The "a" really pops! Good luck in the A-Z challenge. I'll be back tomorrow!

  25. Ah! Attack of A's!

    I was not familiar with this term, but I've applied it in my writing. Very cool post, thanks!

  26. I like it Anaphora! Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet from your perspective!

  27. I don't know that I have a technique, but I loved your example, wow!

  28. Great post and example! Looking forward to reading more.

  29. Holly, that's great! Don't you just love when you stumble upon something that already exists? Great minds do thing alike. ;)

    Laura, yes, it is a rhetoric device. Smart! :D

    baygirl, hi! *waving*

    Amphigora, hmmm, I wonder why? ;)

    Sylvia, thank you!

    K.C., thank you! I'm glad you like it!

    Gail, oh, so true! Imagine a book with tension only at the end of each chapter? :P

    Amy, thank you! Thanks for visiting. :D

    Liz, that's great! Yes, all them A's! :D

    Stepmother, thank you! I had great fun posting about them. All writerly stuff. XD

    Crafter, it made me cringe to write that. It brings tears to my eyes. *Sigh*

    Michelle, thank you! <3

    Jennifer, thank you! :)

    Melissa, thanks, girl! *hugs* (btw, your pocket, or maybe your cutie little guy? Called my cell today!)

  30. Cool. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to have a theme this year. I kind of liked doing a hodge podge of topics last year.

    1. Donna, that sounds great! I wasn't sure what I was going to do it on this year since last year it was all on writing, but I think I have an idea now! :D


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