Saturday, April 16, 2011

♥.•*¨N is for . . .


Networking of course!

It's crucial for writers to network--we need TLC from others who think like us.

Before I go on, I should mention   Nichole's blog post on networking. She also has some helpful links you can use! Come by and read it when you get a chance.

(you can click on dark orange links below!)
Links for Writers Groups:

: a wonderful  network of LDS mothers who care for each other annurture one another

Romance Writers of America: Romance Writers of America. It helps hone  your interest through networking  and support as a writer, especially in the Romance  genre.

Links for Networking: A wonderful site where it unearths new talent. You can submit your unpublished, or self-published works for others to read and help you grow. You create your own site to host your WIPs.

Blogger: A site where you ca
n share thoughts, photos, ideas! The more blogs you follow, the more you are spotted by others!

Facebook: a wonderful place where you can  find  long lost friends, make new  ones  and post thoughts and ideas and  even 'advertise' your personal blog post.

Goodreads: A place where you can  find book recommendations from friends, keep track of what you've read and what you'd like to read, create a book club and discuss your favorite books.

LDStorymakers: This is a place where published authors hang. If you are LDS, you may apply within!

LDS Publisher
: A wo
nderful place for networking, contests, author book signings  and  launch parties--explore it!

LiveJournal: you ca
n blog about anything you want here. It provides software, email and websites.

NaNoWriMo: or National  Novel Writing  Month. It a non-profit organization  holding a creative writing project once a year during the month of  November. They have forums where other writers can  connect!

social network for writes and illustrators. I've joined it and it's a great way to get to know other artists like you!

A fun place where you can  find  and make friends  and show your recent blog posts.

It is an  online community where you can "write, read and live YA." ;D

I have no doubt that I've missed many more links, that's where you come in! What are your fave links?


  1. Yay for networking!!!! Thanks for all these yummy scrummy links too!!! You're a star! Take care

  2. Well, if there were any lonely heart writers out there shouldn't be any after all your fabulous links, Elizabeth!

  3. Lovely idea to bring these links together in one place. Will check out Nichole's too - thanks :-)
    All best

  4. Nice, informative post for the budding (or seasoned) author.

  5. Thanks for the links, networking is indeed important.

    There are two awards for you on my blog.

  6. Good morning! You've just been awarded the Stylish Blogger award!
    Congrats! And you have a fabulous blog :)

  7. Lots of great links E.. You just now taught me the definition of NaNoWriMo.. :)

  8. Thanks for the links ~ I'm sure that they are handy for all writers !!


  9. So many great links. I appreciate you posting them today in your featured spotlight of Networking. Now I have some other avenues to check out. :)

  10. Great list of sites/resources - I already knew many but some are new to me!

    I love all my writing friends :)

  11. Thanks for all the links...I must get started as soon as I have finished some #amwriting :)


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