Friday, March 4, 2022

IWSG: My Writerly Cave
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Welcome to mine!

Welcome to my March's IWSG post. I apologize for posting this so late. I've spent the past several weeks in my writing cave preparing an upcoming book for publication. Finally! I spend so much time writing and writing by the seat of my pants that when I look back at the mountain of edits, I realize I'm falling behind.

I've rewritten Darkspell. It feels cringeworthy at best. I also plan to update my website's tabs to include upcoming books as teasers. So much to do!

One of the methods I've recently incorporated into my arsenal of editing is the Reader tool on MicrosoftWord. I've been listening to my computer read back every paragraph. I'm doing my best to rewrite the words so that it reads smoothly--I must be at my best for listening to cadence anomalies.

I'm in the process of trimming down overused words according to an editor's worksheet list--some of the things she has in there are crazy. For example, "in", "to", and "not". I was relieved that the words "and" and "the" weren't included. I'm breaking out into a sweat as it is with everything else!

I'm just about done and will send my current story to my beta readers!

I'm aiming to release it on Independence Day as a way to honor freedom and free will, which is the premise of my story. It is a SciFi Romance Here is the blurb:

Balance. Peace. Order.

Everything N'reena has lived for shatters the moment an accident nearly takes her life. If it weren't for Daemos, she 
wouldn't have ever tasted a kiss, felt a touch, or experienced love—

She especially wouldn't have unveiled what lurked right in front of her home these many centuries…

I'm done illustrating the book cover. My muse directed me to use the anime this time, an interesting turn to be sure. Would you like a sneak peek? Here it is:

I plan to include a glossary at the back of the book and a few bonuses, though I'm not exactly sure what!

What is your process for finding overused words? Do you have pet words? What do sort of bonuses do you look forward to when you read a book?