Friday, August 30, 2013

Are you Tagline Ready?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creating your Author Tagline

Last week, we discussed what a tagline is; a catchy phrase that sums up what a person, place or thing is. Think of Nike's Just Do it. It's a great way to hook a targeted audience's attention, isn't it?

Think of Stephen King. What tagline do you think would fit him? Stephenie Meyer? What about Shakespeare? Mark Twain? What about you?

Since a tagline resonates a specific emotion or thought, what sort of feel are you looking for that might lure your targeted audience? Think upon the premise which you base your books. They might be different genres, but since they are written by you, their common denominator, you'd want them to echo your brand.

It could be as simple as ... YA Author. Here is Deirdra A. Eden's Tagline: Follow Your Dreams.
Jewel Adams: Clean, Passionate Emotion-Driven Romance That Uplifts and Inspires.

Play around with the thoughts that come to your mind.

Do you feel like you're ready to participate in my Author Tagline Bloghop? All you have to do is sign up, and post on the scheduled day with your shiny author tagline! Easy peasy. You also have the option to explain your tagline, and share your links and any book covers. Sounds like fun, right???

I will officially announce the Author Tagline HOP Friday! On the meanwhile, please share the LOVE! :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Author Branding, Platforms and Taglines ... Oh My!

Crystal Collier inspired this post. This was her comment to my last one regarding what a tagline is:
"It's true--author branding is all about the tagline, eh?"
Brilliant, Crystal, just brilliant!

So, what is author branding? I remember when I started out my career, I was thoroughly confused as to what a platform was. Later, author branding. (No, it's not a hot iron to your rump ... OUCH!)

First, your platform is how you actively live your author branding, how you present yourself to your target audience as you handle Public Relations. Next, your author brand is what you *want* to be known for so as to hit your target audience.

So, what is your target audience? Well, I really love The Lorax. I relate a whole lot to Ted. Though he is not an author, he has to start from scratch for his business. Thee a thneed, fill a thneed, right? He made a thneed, the Lorax thought it was ridiculous. Ted was not, by all means, discouraged by the Lorax's rejection. Why? Well, because this little guy was NOT his target audience. That hit me hard. Just because someone hates your work, doesn't mean you bite; it just means those readers are not your target audience.

So who is your target audience? Think about your books--your author branding. What do you want to be known for?

If you already know that, then think on this: A tagline is your author branding summed up in words.

Do I hear any wheels turning?

Monday, August 19, 2013

First, what is a tagline?

In the words of Elizabeth Mueller a tagline is a catchy phrase that sums up what a certain product (person, place or thing you are promoting) is. Here are several examples to help give you an idea:

Got Milk?
Just do it
What's in your Wallet?
The happiest place on earth
Time to make the doughnuts
Thank heaven for 7-11
Shouldn't your baby be a Gerber baby?

Click here to read a fabulous post on 10 companies that totally define their taglines.

Poor Ali Cross, I keep picking on her, but her author tagline is one that I can't get out of my mind, it ROCKS: "Stories that transcend the ordinary"  Admit it, it's awesome, right?

Virginia Lori Jennings, a friend of mine, said over on my FaceBook Timeline, "An author tagline is a saying that embodies your writing subject, why you write, and what you want your stories to achieve.-> sorta like a slogan."

Are you catching a vision for you tagline?
(Next week, we'll discuss how to discover your author tagline!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beautiful Songs of Kiguli

Reliable transportation, building more classrooms, school bus--ah yes--a library!
Sounds like a lovely list for a school to have, don't you agree? I certainly do!

Children gather and share their heart through poetry for the purpose of fundraising for their school! I find this a fantastical feat for any school!

If you are moved to directly donate (even $1) to this wonderful school, click here! Put a smile on a child's face. :)

Another way to help is to spread the word! I have the spiffy "share" buttons at the bottom of this post. Click on it and viola! You're done.

Thank you!

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Favorite Gadgets!

I posted this article back in March of 2011, and since I've been out of sync with the blog gods, I needed to refresh my noggin. So I decided to republish this to keep up on top and for your viewing pleasure.

I've been slammed with pure inspiration to host a BLOG HOP! This is going to be an absolute no brainer and tons of FuN! I plan to keep the linkie to this hop up indefinitely so you can refer to it and watch it grow with the COOLEST authors around. Sounds exciting, right? YES!

It's going to give writers, published and non, a chance to share their passion in a single tagline. "An author tagline is a saying that embodies your writing subject, why you write, and what you want your stories to achieve.-> sorta like a slogan," says Virginia Lori Jennings on my FaceBook Timeline.

My favorite author tagline is Ali Cross's: stories that transcend the ordinary.

Wow, isn't that just great? :)

I will blog about how to gather your thoughts on what your books stand for, how they apply to your upcoming tagline for the Author Tagline BlogHop, and how to come up with one. I will do my best to share my ideas on I came up with mine, I, by no means, am a guru on this. Just little ole me.

Happy Weekend!

So onto the Old Blog Post:

I've decided to share with you my secret gadgets that I feel help improve my blog. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Are you ready for the revealing? ;)

Link Within <== the "You might also like" tool at the bottom of my every post with the trio of pictures from previous postings.

Blog Buttons <==Clarissa Draper reveals how to create those nifty bloggie buttons with the html codes at the bottom scrolly window. So COOL!

Site Meter <==a way to spy on how (and where and how long) many fans are stalking ya! It's cool, and best of all, free! <==want to break out from drawing names from the old hat routine? Just go here! 

Simply-linked <==want to provide blank spaces for your bloggie palz to enter blogfests, hops or other party things? Easier than Mr. Linky. Promise.

The Blog Guidebook <==Whoa! A saver if you're trying to figure out how to soup up your blog! :)

Your turn! What secret gadgets do you have hidden in your blog?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lost and Found later

Taking a year off from blogging and my other social networks because of pregnancy has really hurt me as an author. I had great online presence. I had worked hard for it. Sad to say that I feel forgotten. I know, I'm such a wimp. *sniff*

I need to start from the ground up again--but my publisher said that my loyal fans will never forget me no matter how much time lapses. That's comforting to hear. But on the meantime ... I hope to get back to where I left off before life became so insanely crazy and getting back to where I was before with a crazy insane life is challenging.

Wish me luck!