Friday, April 29, 2011

♥.•*¨Y is for . . .

Young Adult!

Okay, YA is hot right now. So hot that it is luring readers, authors, agents and publishers. Oh, not to mention booksellers, too! Am I missing anyone?


A friend of mine introduced me to YA. She said she could enjoy a fun, clean romance without the sex, and other YA reads without violence and language. This happened over 6 years ago. She didn't have to work hard to convince me. I decided to pick up a YA book for the first time in decades; the thought had never crossed my mind before since my oldest was 8. The only thing I read in high school was VC Andrews (scary!).


I love kids. All kinds of kids--even the teen kinds. They are a fun loving group with the hardest choices in life; what they decide now will forever forge their adult fates. I yearn to be a positive influence, to make my books enjoyable for them without pushing them into something dark that would hurt them even more.

Now you know why my heart is in YA. What about yours?


  1. My heart has always been in YA! :) I have a soft spot in my heart for that age group. I've always been drawn to YA literature and have been immersed since I was a teen. I've written ten YA novels, starting when I was 13, and I've just never stopped. It's such a passion of mine! Wonderful post!

    Reflections on Writing

  2. I read VC Andrews too. Eek! I didn't realize at the time I was far too young for those concepts. I would never want my 12 year old to get ahold of those books. (not yet, anyway!)

    I love YA. Good clean fun. :)

  3. VC Andrews is pretty dark for starting off with ;)

  4. That's interesting, romance without sex. I can see that would be appealing to a lot of people.

    Moody Writing

  5. oh Y don't I write YA? It's so popular, and I might even be published if I did.

  6. Yay for young people and books for them and fab authors like you who write for them!!!!

    Take care

  7. Must admit that YA ins't necessarily my first choice, but I have enjoyed some of it!

  8. I must confess it's a nice thing that someone considers the YA.Very nice indeed!

  9. I enjoy all the teenage angst without the sex and like to read without all the curse words or vulgar scenes. I read all kinds of books from all genres because I love books but YA gives me a place to go to recapture a small part of me not wanting to grow up.

  10. I only recently started reading YA. I really enjoy the books I've read so far.

  11. Your friend's reasoning is what drew me to YA, too, though I've found some YA not to be so clean. Have to be careful. It's a good way to know what your kids are reading--and have a great read along the way.

    YA lit brings with it the wonder that is part of that age group as they look forward with their entire adult life before them. It's a world of opportunity. I could pass on some of the angst, but it comes with the wonder, so what are we to do? Great post.

  12. I think YA novels start faster than most adult stuff. Which is great for people like me with short attention spans.

  13. Melissa, thank you! :)

    Crystal, tell me about it!

    Trisha, I know. I tended toward them because it matched my moods. Ugh...

    Mood, lol! :D

    Em, write what feels right to your heart. It could be a hidden talent! :D

    Jennifer, you're so sweet. Thank you!!!

    Talli, good! I'm glad to see that your blog is up and running, whew!

    A, thank you! Thank you for following me, too!

    Regina, oh, yes, I know how you feel! I love to experience those firsts. *sigh*

    Amy, that's great! I think other genres are wonderful too, but you stand less chances of the other stuff if you want to avoid it. :D

    Donna, you know you are so right! I picked up a YA book that had me covering my face with shame. Another one was from Scholastic that made my face grow very hot. The concept in there made me throw the book out!

    Angela, lol! Me too! ;)

  14. I enjoy a good YA novel. They're great for unwinding because they tend to be direct, with clear characters and a lot happening in a short amount of time.

  15. I love YA novels too and have been following many of our fine Colorado authors like Amy Kathleen Ryan and Laura Resau.

  16. I am a big YA fan, too. Although, I also love to read Adult contemporary, as well as narrative non-fiction and memoirs. I think liking YA books has to do with the child inside of me. I don't think I've ever fully let her go.
    Lovely post, by the way.


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