Tuesday, April 5, 2011

♥.•*¨D is for . . .

Description (my favorite)!
It can make or break a passage in your WIP. It is the stuff that spices a scene or turns it bland and mushy. Or even confuses!

The cold ocean crushed me as I glided through the jagged cavern. Swarms of darting iridescence brightened my eyes with colorful joy.

Majestic grace lathered the wispy puffs of cotton as they gently swirled overhead, Heaven admiring herself in her reflective blue calm. Her name: beautiful.
Like melting ice cream, the sun slipped down the horizon.
I'm too cold to write!
I sigh as I watch the chocolate day begin.
The handsome man winked at you.

Description is a delicate balance of talent and study. It's tricky where and how much we invest in description in our work. What is your secret in finding the perfect balance without info-dumping?

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  1. Hi,
    I try to say the most I can in th efewesy words. And try to not be too obvious in what I'm trying to get across. Lots of editing!
    Moody Writing

  2. My secret? I am a minimalist in the first draft and don't get too much description in until after a rewrite. Description is one part I need to work on, possibly the most since it's part of that tricky "show, don't tell" part of writing. Finding the right balance isn't easy either.

  3. My secret is I sneak in description with dialogue and action tags.

    LOVED the imagery you used! :D

  4. This is brilliant. Gorgeous photos and descriptions.

  5. Sometimes you just know when a moment of writing calls for a certain description. I like your "D" very much.

  6. Loved the post, Elizabeth. I fine tune my description in the later drafts. The first draft is an info dump, the larger part of it gets kicked out in subsequent drafts.

  7. Enjoyed the post very much. I tend not to be a fan of exhaustive description in what I read, and do my best not to wallow in it in what I write (but baby writer, so learning all the time!) Thanks for the handsome man - at my age it's been some time since one winked directly at me - although I've met a lot of the next pic down ...
    Thanks again and all best

  8. Lovely descriptions! I must admit, I tend to be on the confused side when trying to write them :/

  9. Oh the man winking at me!!! That's so freaky if he wasn't so gorgeous!! Yay for delightful descriptions!! I guess harsh editing is the only way for me to infodump! Take care

  10. Great post Elizabeth.

    I guess I put just about every bit of description in to start with, then brutally edit afterwards to make sure it doesn't read like info dump.

    good to make your acquaintance. Look forward to following your posts.

    warm wishes

  11. I think I'm overly-descriptive, but I'm learning to edit. Thanks for the great 'D' post. Happy Tuesday! :o)

  12. I loved your descriptions! A great "D" post.

  13. Thanks for the great post! :D Loved the descriptions and love the pictures! The last one was a little silly! ;)

  14. I don't know if its a secret but I try to keep my description active. No still life unless the character observing it would is actually stopping what they are doing to take a note of what is being described.

  15. Mood, although I love describing, I feel that it's a struggle for me to find a good balance. I don't want to leave my readers blind, neither saturated!

    Dawn, oh yes. It is a delicate balance! :/

    Jenny, wow! I love that! I'll have to get a hold of one of your works to see how you do it. Thanks for the valuable tip. I'll remember it!

    Niki, thank you!

    Trininista, that's true... Thank you!

    Rachna, I admire people who have the patience to layer their writing. I put everything in that inspires me and go back in my edits and fix it that way. My edits take months and months. lol

    Karla! ROFL! Oh, thanks for the great laugh you gave me today. I know what you mean about learning and applying. It's a fragile balance.

    Michelle, I do to. I go over my chapter and wonder if I have enough description to let the reader know where it is, but am not sure because I KNOW where my MCs are at.

    Debbie, I do that too! Btw, thank you for following my blog. <3

    Inspired, I love description. I used to be a purple proser. Boy, I've gone the other end. Ugh...

    Chantele, lol, thanks! I'm glad I made you smile. :D

  16. Taryn, that's a great way to bring things to life. I love that! Thank you. :D

  17. Description is greatest weakness in writing. I can write poetry that flows with great description, but when I try to use it in a story... big raspberry.

  18. Hey Elizabeth ~~ great post !! Gave me something to think about ... (still in the pre-teething stages of my writing journey) LOL !


  19. This is a tough one for me, as you could probably say I'm an underwriter. Sometimes I don't describe enough. But on the opposite side I dislike fiction that takes say 20 words to describe something that could have been done in 10. I hope that makes sense!

    Ellie Garratt

  20. I agree. Detail and description is essential. I am more of a second-draft inserter, though I still think its very important.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  21. TS, I agree with you! *sigh*

    Michelle, pre-teething, you're so cute! <3

    Ellie, someone pointed out the perfect word that describes that: concise. It's so perfect! It's a challenge for me, one that I'm working to perfect.

    Sarah, Oh, yes, it is! Thanks for visiting. :D

  22. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I totally got stuck on the picture of the guy winking ... creepy, cool, and captivating all at the same time!!

    Thanks for the smile.

  23. I like to dump the description and weed unnecessary details out during the revision stage. It's better to have too much than too little in the beginning. My writers group helps a lot, too! Good luck with the challenge!

  24. The secret is to weave it in and make it work as more than just an image of a place. It can add to the mood, it can say heaps about a character, it can spice up the story.

  25. Good description is an art and the photos you've used here are lovely.

  26. My journalism background has me using description sparingly-too much of a good thing is always too much in my opinion...

  27. Margo, you're so cute. Thanks for making me laugh, I needed that. *hugs*

    Laura,that sounds like a great idea! :D

    Lynda, wow, that sounds magical. I would love to read your stuff to get a feel of what you're saying. Thank you!

    Susan, oh, that is SO true! Thanks for the reminder. :)


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