Tuesday, April 12, 2011

♥.•*¨J is for . . .



The emotional journal that is.

* What are you feeling? Anger. Surprise. Disappointment. Sadness. Happiness. Anguish. Write the emotion down at the top for easy reference.

* Listen to your body's natural reactions. Write them down.

* What about your emotions? Write those.
Do you wish that there was a book out there where all you have to do is look up anger? And you get this:


eyes like hard ice, fire in your eyes, mouth pinched, flushed face, hot face and ears, rush of fire in your veins, trembling, breath fast and shaky, acute sense of awareness, adrenaline rush, hands and shoulders and stomach tighten as well as muscles, jaw clenches, nostrils flare, heart pounding.

throw something, break something, hit something, scream, pull hair, bawl, lash out, cause pain to self or others, aggressiveness, name calling, throw a tantrum, hurt someone.

Here's an article on anger.

Okay, I came up with most of that, but I did some research and included a reference, too! Keep a small spiral bound notebook, a big one, a pad of paper--anything--and when you experience an emotion, rush to that paper and write it down.

Do you keep an emotional journal?

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  1. What a great idea to write down your body's reactions. :)

  2. Not easy in the heat of the moment but I agree, it's a great idea to make a note of those raw emotions, whilst they're fresh in your mind.
    Thanks for excellent tip!
    All best

  3. Yay for journals!!!

    Take care

  4. That's interesting. I journaled for years, not particularly emotions but life in general. I'll have to dig those up and see what's in them.

  5. The mind and body really are related and I've seen the effects of stress on my body. The things that stress me though I don't write down, I do a brain washing and just get rid of them. I do journal other emotions.

  6. That is an excellent idea. I think I will try it. Thanks!

  7. I don't keep an emotional journal for ME, but I do for my characters. Great post as usual, Elizabeth!

  8. I tried to a while back, but just didn't have the time to stick with it. Nice post!

  9. Hey Elizabeth ~~ what a great idea ! One could simply access ones personal emotional journal when dealing with your characters' emotions .


  10. That's a great idea, Elizabeth. A journal like that would be a fantastic resource when trying to show (rather than tell) an emotion in a character. Do you mind of I make a reference to this at some point in my blog posts on writers' tools?

  11. I burned my journals - but not before ripping out the good pages to keep. Journals are cumbersome to store and move. Life is ephemeral. However, I do think you have a great idea for storing phrases about emotions to use in one's writing!!! All I need now is an iPad - easier to carry around than a laptop.


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