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Win Free Darkspell Gift Pack!

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Book Review: Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal

 Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal
Back Cover: Discover the secrets of a siren, fly with a hawk girl over the mountains of Montana, and flee supernatural party-crashers as the décor comes to life in this magical journey through paranormal stories.

Along the way, watch for ghosts in a haunted house, or ride through the moonlight with a stranger. Save a comatose boy who has lost his soul, and don’t forget to bring your garlic and wolfsbane—you never know when the shadows will snag you.

Transcendent includes eight stories of magic, love, death, and choice by some of the newest names in young adult fiction.
My Review:
Each story was made alive by the wonderful talent of every author. I couldn't put my Kindle down as I read the stories aloud to my children, ages ranging from 9 to 15, and now they insist on rereading their favorite picks of short stories on their own. 

The characters came to life, the storylines shared in rich detail that swept me into each world! The only sad thing about this book is that I wish that they were longer than short stories. If you want a cozy thrill with a flashlight-under-the-covers, or a snuggle-up-with-your-Kindle, I recommend this book!

GiVeAwAy TiMe!
 I'm excited to share this book with you guys! Just comment to win Transcendent's eBook--winner will be announced Monday, January 2nd!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Meet Anastasia V. Pergakis, my lovely guest!

Today, the fabulous Anastasia is visiting my blog. I'm honored to have her here!

Elizabeth asked me to write about my journey to writing, something that would be helpful to aspiring authors. As a warning, this post is going to get really dark for a moment, which might seem out of character for me as I usually try to stay positive in my posts, but it'll get better toward the end I promise. And you might not understand at first what this has to do with my journey to writing, but it will all be explained in the end, I promise.

To be helpful to aspiring authors that might be struggling with their writing, I'm going to tell you what keeps me motivated when times get tough.

So what motivates me to keep writing and not give up? Well, to answer that I have to take you back a few years to a sixteen year old girl trapped by alcohol and drug addiction. I couldn't function without a few vicodins or oxycodones to start the day, a few drinks after school (okay a lot of drinks) and more pills at night. The fact that I didn't stop my heart with this combination of chemicals is beyond me.

You see, for a long time, I wanted to die. Literally. And I tried. I prayed every day for years that I would go to sleep and not wake up. I would be extremely upset that I woke up everyday, still trapped in the darkness that had become my life.

I was so wrapped up in my own problems and simply just existing for so many years, that I crushed people along my way. I took advantage of them, manipulated them to get what I wanted, used them and then threw them away. I know; I was not a very nice person at all.

I don't want to scare you too much with the horror stories of those ten years, so let's skip ahead to the good part.

I was sitting there in June of 2006 and realizing how utterly alone I was. I literally had nothing and no one. I cried for days. From guilt, from loneliness, from the pain I felt physically. I had two "friends" that attended AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings. So I gave them a call and asked if I could live with them (I was homeless at the time) and that I wanted to start going to meetings with them. I didn't believe even then, that I was an alcoholic, but I was so desperate to be rid of the guilt and pain I felt, that I was willing to try anything. They gladly accepted me into their home and helped me get back on my feet. I'll be grateful to them everyday for the rest of my life.

That was five and a half years ago.

I try to look at each day as a miracle - because it is. By rights, I should have died many times over before I even reached my 22nd birthday. I'll celebrate my 28th birthday in May.

So, what does all this have to do with my journey to writing? Well, a lot. During the darker times, I wrote twisted poetry and dark short stories - many of which I will never share with the world. I wrote cute little poem and stories as a young child, too. About a year into my sobriety, I realized that writing was the one thing I always had, that I always turned to release pent up emotions. It's how I find myself, how I deal with stress. It was then I decided that writing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, for my career.

If I am to impart some ounce of wisdom or inspiration to other authors from my story it's this:

Never. Give. Up. Ever. Your life, YOU, are important. What you have to say is important. Someone out there loves you, no matter what. It doesn't matter whether you believe it to be God, Jesus, or a person in your life. SOMEONE does love you. Don't quit on your dreams or yourself. You'll regret it. I was given a second chance at my life 5 1/2 years ago. Not everyone gets that second chance. Chase your dreams and never, ever quit.

~ * ~ * ~

About Cleanse Fire

Cleanse Fire is a fantasy adventure novel, with edge-of-your-seat action. Epic battles, suspense, and a bit of romance too! Follow the Kinir Elite as they track down a traitor and find more than they bargained for.

**Portions of profits for this book are given to the Wounded Warrior Project**

Complete the mission, no matter what…
Captain Derac Vidor has served Kinir for nearly twenty years. It’s his life, his blood. And then his Commander betrays everything Derac holds dear. Now he has to focus on his own life and his team instead of saving the citizens of Kinir.

Treason is only the beginning…
Fueled by rage, the team chases the source to their Commander’s betrayal – a powerful wizard bent on revenge. The wizard seeks to destroy the Kinir Elite, in both mind and body. No place is safe, even among their allies.

The past holds the key…
Derac’s tragic past may be the key to saving the team. But can he face the gruesome nightmare in time?

Purchase Cleanse Fire

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Merry Christmas!

This made me bawl. Literally. I had dinner on the stove and it cooked to a slow burn as I couldn't tear myself away! I LOVE how the producer focuses on Joseph's tenderness for the Son...

Have a Fabulous Christmas, my bloggie friends!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I know my A, B, C's, next time won't you...?

Click on this beautiful badge here to see what I have to say about last year's neck-lashing, friendship-building blogging challenge!

It was one memorable month, that's for sure!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Strong or Weak?

I got this image off of Facebook.
There are contrasting heroines listed below.
Media has a powerful impact on humankind.
What kind of hero/ine are your books?

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Have a Darkspell Christmas!

(Bookcover doesn't really have a Santa hat on, I drew it in for FUN!)

I'm feeling the Givingmood of Christmas! I've decided to have a coloring contest--open to everyone! You can choose any of my illustrations from the following two links:

Submit your entry by the 23rd via email ([AT]gmail). Winner will be announced Christmas morning!

For US Winners: You will WIN a signed copy of Darkspell!
For International Winners: You will WIN an e-copy of Darkspell!

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Debutante Ball, a Feast of Debut Authors

Announcing Darkspell YA Paranormal Romance by Elizabeth Mueller!

Winter Sky believes she is everything ordinary . . . until she is kissed by Alex Stormhold.

As seer of Stormhold Coven, Alex is sworn to be Winter's protector against the darkness that hunts her. Violently thrust into a magickal realm she always thought impossible, she stumbles upon a disturbing secret of her own.

"Darkspell is one of those guilty pleasure books that keep you turning pages. Elizabeth Mueller tantalizes the reader with healthy doses of romance, mystery and magic unlike any other. The perfect read for anyone 13 and up who wants to curl up with a good book." SB Niccum, author of Veiled

"Elizabeth Mueller gives a great story, full of normal teen angst without tipping the scales to be annoying, she keeps up guessing, dropping nuggets for us throughout the story, but never tipping her hand. Combine that with the fantastic use of illustrations that give it almost a graphic novel feel as we read, and this is easily a five star read. I can’t wait to pick this up in paperback and you should too! Mueller is a great addition to the YA world and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this talented writer!" YA BookBabes

Pick up your very own copy of Darkspell, YA Paranormal Romance at Amazon,or your very own signed and numbered copy here for only $12.75 for Christmas! Read sample chapters here!

If I was sucked into Darkspell, I'd be Winter! She starts off as a happy-go-lucky teen who endures the tragedy of betrayal along with the death of her beloved friends, but she discovers a hidden secret that may save them all.

Every author wants their book turned into movie! I'd choose Amanda Seyfried as Winter!

Want more of Darkspell? Of course you do!

This is what you'll get just by leaving a comment--but wait!The more shout outs you do on Facebook, Twitter or where you hang,the more chances you get to win! Just let me know what you've done in this post! (one entry per shout out per day--YES, per day!) 

Contest ends the 31st of December!*

All WINNERS will be announced at the end of the tour on January 2nd on respective author blog! (Unless otherwise noted.)

Want to win more book fun? Of course you do! Please follow the author names and December dates below! Good luck and don't forget to have FUN!

12 Elizabeth Mueller

13 Regan Guerra

14 Melissa Pearl

15 Claudia Lefeve

17 Pendragon Innmen 

19 Alex J. Cavanaugh

22 Anastasia V. Pergakis

23 H. Linn Murphy 

27 Patti Larsen

28 Red Tash

29 Annetta Ribken

*Sorry, parcel shipping is for US residents only for Darkspell drawing;
 International winner will get an e-book of Darkspell and an e-copy of my illustrated Darkspell poster drawn by moi!

That means I can have 2 different winners--please let me know if your International so that I may enter you in the drawing!

Thank you! *Hugs*

Winners will be chosen by

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20 Days of Prizes--easy to win TONS!

Welcome to our Debutante Ball, a Feast of Debut Authors Blog Tour!

So a bunch of us debut authors have decided to cohort and we came up with a sweet deal for our loyal readers!

We will spotlight our books and share some  cinematic fun as well!
The party will start Monday the 12th, and will go on through the rest of the year until the 30th! 

Wait, that's not all!  We love our books so much that we want to give them to you along with cool swag! Most of our contests will end Saturday, the 31st!

What do we want of you? Just your comment luvin' and cool invites to as many friends as you can gather for our every appearance--each shout out you do is just that much more of a chance to WIN BIG! Just let us know as you do them so we know to throw that in the voting box.

Here's the list of FaNtAbUlOuS  dEbUt  AuThOrS that will lure you with lots of cool stuff to win!
Remember, most of all, have fun!

12 Elizabeth Mueller

13 Regan Guerra

14 Melissa Pearl

15 Claudia Lefeve

16 Joseph Beekman

17 Pendragon Innmen 

19 Alex J. Cavanaugh

22 Anastasia V. Pergakis

23 H. Linn Murphy 

27 Patti Larsen

28 Red Tash

29 Annetta Ribken

Ahem. May I see your dance card, please?


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Guest Post: Tanya Contois

 Today, Tanya Contois is visiting my blog! Please give her a big welcome by showing some comment love!

Writing has always been something I’m good at but after high school I lost focus of that. Instead I worked a series of jobs that lead nowhere. I always felt like there was something else I was meant to do. Now I’m 28 and despite all my efforts to find a job I’m still unemployed.

When I first started my blog and Facebook page All Things Books it was only meant to be a hobby but it has become more popular than I ever thought it would. Both the Facebook page and the blog were very helpful to me because it introduced me to so many people that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. I have been incredibly lucky to get to know so many friendly and kind people. Another plus of creating All Things Books is that I was able to learn about smaller publishers with open submissions.

When I saw that Firefly and Wisp publishers were having a contest for several anthologies I submitted a horror short story based around the urban legend Bloody Mary. Having my story chosen to be in the anthology was a huge deal but I really wanted a contract. At the same time I had to be realistic because there are so many incredibly talented writers who don’t have contracts with publishers. So I buckled down and started working at fixing plot holes and grammar/spelling errors. At the beginning of October S.L. Schmitz emailed me about participating in a blog talk radio show. Although I was incredibly nervous about being on air I said yes. After exchanging emails with Stephanie about the details of the show I got an email from Giovanni Gelati. When he asked if I was a writer I said yes and gave him a brief description of what I am working on. A few days later I signed the contract officially making me a Trestle Press author.

To anyone who aspires to be a writer don’t give up hope. There are alternatives to being traditionally published that are becoming more and more popular each day. Keep an eye out for smaller publishers with open submissions. There is also the self published route. Other websites that you can publish on are Smashwords and Lulu. Amazon has also just started Kindle direct publishing.

Check out her amazing book, Wicked Little Lies!
follow her on Facebook:
follow her on Twitter:


What is your writing journey like?

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Introducing the Debutante Ball of Debut Authors Blog Tour!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I've gathered** an armful of rockin' debut authors who want to spread some book cheer for Christmas!

We will start December 12 and party all the way to the 30th! Okay, I know I said for Christmas, but who wants the spirit to end on the 25th?

All you have to do is visit each of the author's sites, leave comment lovin', and PLEASE spread the word by shouting out on all your social networks our FUN tour! Shouting out is one point per network per day per author (-or- depending on individual author's rules), just let us know your deeds and you'll have that much more of a chance at winning!

We will be giving away rockin' prizes--makes for wonderful gifts!

Is your Christmas shopping done?

*a special note for our participating male authors: What's a debutante ball without our escorts? It'll be a smashing hit!
**If you're a debut author and would LOVE to be a part of our fun, we have 8 spots left! Please either leave a comment or email me and I'll send you the info!
elizabeth.mueller.authorATgmail--thanks! :)