Wednesday, July 7, 2021

IWSG: Would I Quit Writing?
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July 7 question - What would make you quit writing?

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Okay, this is a very interesting topic. Who is coming up with these questions? Is Alex picking them out of a jar or something?

I notice whenever an author is violated, like Stephenie Meyer when her Midnight Sun draft was stolen and, if I remember correctly, posted all over the internet by one of her critique partners, she fell out of touch with writing. It took her a great while.

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I've heard of other authors, after their work is stolen, fall out of touch with their writing as well.

This is emotional rape! How can anyone feel whole enough to continue with the same "innocency" and power and motivation before the violation? I believe this would be the ONLY thing that would make me stop writing. At least for a while.

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I grew up with it. It's been my tourniquet, my healing, my escapism, my breath of life so to speak. I grew up in an abusive home and endured more during my marriage, so writing has always been my healing power.

If I was violated like poor Meyers was, I would definitely take a step back for a while to heal, but like her, I would step back up and continue.

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Writing is in my BLOOD!!!

How would you emotionally deal with someone stealing your work?