Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking the Plunge

I have written and rewritten my synopsis and query letter so many times it's amazing how many different angles I've approach it! It is gleaming, smooth and ready. Now the hardest part. Letting my baby go into the wild world. I will think of him every day once he steps through my doors. I will check my mail boxes to see if he has sent me any post cards or letters.

I have made my list of agents he will be sent off to.

Good luck, baby!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

To Create or Not to Create?

In the midst of writing classes, query letters, synopsis, writing contests, and critiquing my WIP and agent hunting (apart from the family), which do I choose?

There are times when I have written a story sketch and stashed it for a later date that the characters and plot awaken from their crypts, begging me to venture into their world. If I am in the middle of editing my manuscript, I will not weave another tale. I force them away and refocus. I can feel them calling out to me—imploring me to write their story, to write their say, to write their song.

I must confess that I have ignored their siren call to complete one project before moving on to the next.

Am I mistaken for that?

As I have learned, when I am ready to create that world, their voices have fallen into silence. I bemoan the death. Would I have been able to create one realm while I reconstructed another? Can I divide myself like that? Can I slip into an undead character one hour and then faerie the next?

As of now, I am facing that dilemma. I am working on my MS, preparing it for submission. Paranormal Romance. And now a Science Fiction story sketch is submerging from its catacomb, begging to be explored. Recorded into words.

Along with the listed items at the beginning, can I truly squeeze in creating another world? I can feel the magic stirring behind my thoughts. Do I tell my hero and heroine to wait another day until I am completed with the quest of other things?

How do tackle your erupting magic?