Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#IWSG Author wrapped in a Cocoon

by Moi

So with school having started 2 weeks ago and my children facing personal crisis and our vehicles breaking down, I am left with myself and my thoughts amidst the eye of the whirl. I finally feel my muse stirring from the cobwebs I have built around him. I feel the magical sparks effervesce inside the universe of my innerspace, however, I am not in a place or time where I am free to write.

My personal time is not my own. It is down to nil. I am unintentionally letting slip my blog as well as my other social media. A lot of the time, it feels self-serving to post things on FB. I am losing grip with my spunky authorly self!

I feel as if I am at a writerly impasse within myself and though it makes me sad, I know what I must do! (A lot of the time I feel like a fairy with broken wings, watching mournfully the others flitter about in joyous laughter as they prance in the eventide air and I, grounded to my misery of flightlessness.)

I don't doubt that when I am done with this cocoon stage in my life (right now it is family first), I will bloom.

What writerly challenges are you facing right now?