Welcome to my gallery of creativity where I share my love for illustrating! I reserve the right to a fluid space as I'm constantly illustrating. Enjoy!

Persephone, meet my readers! I illustrated her, using a digital paint program for the first time ever. It was a daunting task full of steep curves but I took to it within a week's time. I love digital drawing! She is part of my incompleted story Eros over at from a novel I've completed but yet to publish. 

I painted this especially for my 17 year-old daughter. She was pretty upset with
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was a pleasure to recreate an ending she is
happy with. No more tears!

This was a simple line drawing about 5 years ago. I wanted to test out a different sort
of style with my digital program--a messy sort (notice the color bleeding from the lines?)
if you will. I'm pretty pleased with the results! The story behind this one is how confined, how weighed
down with worries and expectations and my longing to break free ... to own who I am.

This is a coloring page I'd uploaded as a .tif file so it works best to print it out if you're
wanting a copy of your own! I made this using my digital program especially for my
short story, My Christmas Miracle (I threw in a challenge to find all 12 Days of Christmas
in there and have yet to hear from my readers). *sigh*
Are YOU game?

This, too, started off as a simple line drawing. I'd inked it with Prismacolor marker and decided to
paint it with my trusty digital program. My cousin loved it so much, he turned it into
a T-shirt over at his Texas shop:

I took it upon myself to paint every main character from
Masquerade: Oddly Suited--a before and after the mask. It
took a loooong time but the challenge was so much fun!

from The Cog Prince in the anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited

AVENGER'S ANGEL (aesthetic)
Wizened bounty hunter, Luana, crosses infamous Orrin Porter Rockwell.
The race is on as she is determined to keep him from stealing her bounties.
He isn’t a threat to the community, only to her pockets!
Story found here.

THE COG PRINCE (aesthetic)
Falling in love, saving the day, and a masque. The clock strikes the thirteenth hour
and Ivy is sucked into a masquerade ball of whirling dancers where the Cog Prince has
summoned her. Mysterious darkness seeks  their destruction and she alone holds the key.
Will Ivy save their kingdom in time?
Story found here.

RESURGENCE (aesthetic)
Keeping his nightmares secret is costing Damarin his sanity and
encountering strange anomalies might damage his reputation.
Is uncovering dark secrets worth the risk?
Story found here.

a scene from RESURGENCE