Wednesday, April 13, 2011

♥.•*¨K is for . . .


Kill your darlings!


Have you ever fallen in love with a scene in your novel? It's perfect! The way you pored over its every sentence, gave so much love and thought into the setting and plot. And your characters! How real it feels. How in love you are . . .

So you eagerly whis it to your critique group and--what? It is something that has nothing to do with the story? You've gotta what? No!

I've had to kill my darlings time and time again. But guess what? I cheat. I cut and paste it into a secret file so that I can maybe turn it into a book itself.

Tell me about a time or two where you've had to kill your darlings.


  1. I too had to kill plenty of my darlings in my current WIP, because they were slowing the story down. I have tucked them into a folder to use somewhere else, maybe in a short story.

  2. Good post. I did the same letter k (kinda).
    Moody Writing

  3. I had the 'perfect' reconciliation scene for my hero and heroine in my mind right from the start (I always have the beginning and end of my story worked out, but not necessarily the middle). Then exactly the same happened as with you - my much valued critique partner said it didn't work for her and explained why. She was right - so out it had to go. The rewritten ending was, admittedly, much stronger so I don't regret it now - but boy, I did feel sad to lose it at the time!

  4. Oh, I HATE killing my darlings! It's agonizing. I do the same thing you do - secret file - so I can fell like they're not really gone :)

  5. That's a great idea to paste them into a "kill" file. Thanks.

  6. I hate when I have poured over a sentence or paragraph and am told it needs to go. Oh what a deflated feeling.

  7. In farming, you often find that the harder a birth is, the more likelihood there is of the infant being not 'right', almost as if nature's trying to say something ... Whenever I have to scrap a piece of my work that was the hardest to write, I do wonder whether I should have foreseen that difficult birth, preceding an untimely death :-)
    Thanks for great K post!

  8. I've just came out of my writer's cave from the past week and a half. Whew! I actually deleted 8,000 words--that's about 3 or four scenes! But my story is leaner and meaner and fast-paced now. You know, I wanted it to be GOOD. Who wants to promote a book that embarrasses them? I'm so glad I had the gumption to delete! :D

  9. The first time I walked into my critique group, that happened. My wonderfully crafted story was pitched and not nearly as good as I thought it was. And I came back for more....

  10. Killing my darlings nearly "kills" me. But I've learned to do it. Sometimes...most of the time...once in a while. ;)


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