Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Writerly Confession #IWSG

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Ever since my paranormal romance, Darkspell, was published, my career has been a huge struggle. My publisher restructured her company (personal choice, has nothing to do with going bankrupt), and I've had many fantastic opportunities present themselves. Just as quickly, they each slipped from my fingers. It has been a long, frustrating and hard road to travel.

Writing is my love. It is and has been my favorite pastime since my early teens! I am not published because I'm in it for the money. Anyone who believes authors are rich needs to realize that you are only viewing a tiny scope based off the famous ones. It's like being a teacher: you do it because you love it and if you go into it for money, you will be disappointed.

Though I've signed on several of my works with another publisher, I've decided to go a different direction along with mighty prayer. I don't do things lightly.

My family comes first. I have taken a step from my authorly career to dedicate my time on raising my five kids. I feel strongly the Lord's hand in my direction and will go where He dictates.

Though, for the most part, I am breaking from being a published author, I am not breaking from writing! I have taken down most of my works over on Wattpad (Darkspell, Eros, Kursed, Baby's Breath, Hidden, and Rock Star), but will be putting them back up. I promise I WILL get those out one way or another when it is my time.

Thank you for bearing with me. I apologize for disappointing those who have been waiting for pending books to release!

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What unexpected forks in the road have you taken?