Saturday, April 30, 2011

♥.•*¨Z is for . . .


Hello, my BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE   A - Z Blogging Challenge Contenderz!

So, today iz the last day of the month and the last of the wild ride of April's blogging timez! It's been WAY fun viziting everyone's blogz. The fun we've had, and the brotherhood we've just forged!

I'm a proud sister.  ;)

I've created an award just for you! Show it proud on your blog--you sure dezerve it!
Please share with us what you learned from this challenge.

I am awarding this to everyone who participated! It will take me a while
to reach everyonez blogz, but I will eventually!

If you would like to become a follower and link this to my blog as a thank you, I would love it, but you don't have to.

Congratulations, you guyz rock!

  1. Jen Daiker @ Unedited
  2. Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out
  3. Alex J. Cavanaugh
  4. Talli Roland
  5. Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Coolness
  6. Ellie Garratt
  7. Jamie (Mithril Wisdom)
  8. Liz @ 8-Bit Words
  9. welcome to my world of poetry
  10. EllasEdge
  11. Chris Verstraete, Candid Canine
  12. Katie O'Sullivan
  13. Jayne at A Novice Novelist
  14. On. . .
  15. Damyanti@ Daily (w)rite
  16. Bish Denham
  17. I see you see
  18. Nicole Ducleroir
  19. Cheekyness
  20. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan
  21. Jessica Bell (The Alliterative Allomorph)
  22. Stephen Tremp
  23. My First Book
  24. Clarissa Draper
  25. Hannah Kincade
  26. That Girl From Around The Bay
  27. Jules @ Trying to get over the Rainbow
  28. Scifi Media
  29. Talei Loto
  30. Marian Allen
  31. Cherie Reich
  32. Jennifer Hoffine
  33. Jennee @ Cheap Therapy
  34. Trevor @ Love in the Truth
  35. Gospel-driven Disciples (Gregg Metcalf)
  36. Coming Down the Mountain: KarenG
  37. Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
  38. Sometimes, The Wheel Is On Fire
  39. Fresh
  40. A. B. Keuser
  41. N. R. Williams
  42. L. A. Colvin
  43. Amy Saia
  44. Writers' Ally aka SA Larsen
  45. Confessions of a Watery Tart
  46. Life, Writing, & Miscellany
  47. Michael @ In Time . . .
  48. Rosalind Adam
  49. BeadedBear's Nonsense and Complete Waste of Time
  50. lot of nothing
  51. The Pinkk Zebraa
  52. Angelina Rain
  53. Witless Exposition
  54. Life is too short to be anything but happy
  55. Raquel Byrnes, Edge of Your Seat Romance
  56. a day into the writer
  57. Wendy Tyler Ryan
  58. Tyrean's Writing Spot
  59. Kari Marie
  60. Donea Lee @ The QoP
  61. Lynda RYoung
  62. Ann Best at Long Journey Home
  63. L'Aussie Travel
  64. Chaka's World
  65. Inkpots N'Quills
  66. A Muse In My Pocket
  67. Catenabi Chronicles
  68. Myne Whitman Writes
  69. Patricia Stoltey
  70. Paul Joseph
  71. My Poetry and Prose Place
  72. Heather M. Gardner
  73. Still Waters
  74. My Pet Blog
  75. Count me in Alex! I may not perfect it but like it
  76. Samantha Verant
  77. Brits in the USA
  78. "Blabbin' Grammy"
  79. Lisa Galek @ Read. Write. Repeat.
  80. Educationtipster: K. Stemke
  81. Grits and Groceies
  82. East for Green Eyes
  83. Shelley F. Batt
  84. Ric's Reviews
  85. Junebug's Musings
  86. Eric @ Working My Muse
  87. DiscConnected
  88. By Niky
  89. Gems and Rhinestones
  90. The Eagle's Aerial Perspective
  91. Elizabeth Mueller
  92. Cultural Compulsive Disorder
  93. DJ GlenMC gonna try this again. . . : )
  94. The Willy Wonka Experience
  95. Karen's World
  96. Shannon McMahon
  97. Will Burke
  98. Elizabeth McKenzie
  99. A Shift in Dimensions
  100. Life Lessons
  101. Larri @ Seams Inspired
  102. Unbound
  103. Geoff's Blogs
  104. Rachel Carter
  105. a-z blogging
  106. Dee @ Soul Prints
  107. Amy @ If Blogging
  108. Rags by Sock Monkey
  109. Olivia J. Herrell
  110. Trying for Words
  111. This Little Light
  112. J. L. Campbell
  113. Ciara Knight
  114. PK HREZO
  115. Aine Tierney
  116. Melissa's Imaginarium
  117. People watch: Hannah Roderick
  118. Sixty Is Just The Beginning!
  119. Hilary's Positive Letters + Inspirational Stories
  120. Rachel Blackbirdsong
  121. The Watered Soul
  122. Daily drama of an aspiring writer
  123. Crystal Mary. Boys Need To Be Blessed.
  124. J. Leigh Bailey
  125. Coffee Rings Everywhere
  126. Wagging Tales
  127. Apocalypse Now
  128. Barbie @ My Freshly Brewed Life
  129. Stacey @ Morning By Morning
  130. Snapshots of Bombay
  131. Hope
  132. karenfollowingthewhispers. blogspot. com
  133. Martin T. Ingham, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writer
  134. Leo from I Rhyme Without Reason
  135. RaShelle Workman
  136. Tell Great Stories - Sommer Leigh
  137. What's so Random?
  138. The Kelworth Files
  139. Darlene @ Things I'll Forget by Tomorrow
  140. Inkpots n' Quills
  141. randomness with the whitings
  142. Jim Bronyaur
  143. Tina @ Life is Good
  144. ananda bliss blog
  145. Everything Emerald
  146. Lindz
  147. KjM - on the web
  148. Dan at Sanguine Musings
  149. Jumping Aground
  150. Spirited Haway: stories from Japan
  151. Jon's Life.
  152. Jennie Bailey
  153. Putting Pen To Paper
  154. The Flying Cheetah
  155. Kids, Cats, Clutter, and Klutz
  156. Jeffrey Beesler's World of the Scribe
  157. Wistfulgirl's World
  158. Elizabeth Twist
  159. The Random Thoughts of Chippy
  160. Rachael Harrie @ Rach Writes. . .
  161. Eileen Wiedbrauk @ Speak Coffee to Me
  162. Beads & Books
  163. Writer Person
  164. Inner Threads
  165. Alison Pearce Stevens
  166. For those seeking knowledge here are invaluable wo
  167. Crazy Jane
  168. Roundheads and Ramblings
  169. My Journey through the pages by Patricia Lynne
  170. On The Subject of Being Awesome
  171. Windy Ribbons
  172. Whimsy, Writing, and Reading
  173. Madeleine
  174. Margo Kelly
  175. Carol's Corner
  176. ELAINE@ Wordsmithing
  177. Cupcakes And Cappuccinos ~Memoirs Of An Imperfect
  178. Sue, published author and observer of life
  179. Nahno McLein
  180. prettykittydogmoonjewelry. blogspot. com/
  181. It's KRISTAL kLEEr
  182. Corinne OFlynn
  183. Studio Nightshade--My Serial Life
  184. TheContemplativeCatContinues
  185. Erin Kane Spock
  186. HalloweenOverkill
  187. At Split Ends
  188. Allison Writes
  189. M Pax @ Wistful Nebulae
  190. Rachel Morgan Writes
  191. Susan Says
  192. From Sarah, With Joy: a blog about being a writer
  193. 1 Wasabi Mommy
  194. Niki @ Wool'n'Nuts
  195. Marieke's Musings
  196. Every head I've had the pleasure to have known
  197. Summer Ross
  198. Pamela Jo at There's Just Life
  199. Geek Twins
  200. Memoirs of a Writer
  201. Raising Marshmallows
  202. Peter Jordan Discusses
  203. Yolk: A blog about eggs and sperm
  204. The Misadventures In Candyland
  205. The Open Vein by E. J. Wesley
  206. Emerald City
  207. Jen Chandler
  208. Fixing Madison
  209. Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises
  210. Chenoa Fawn @ Sibylline Syllables
  211. Style is Not Just a Black Suit
  212. Canadian Blogger Girl
  213. Queen Bee from Blue Line Farm and Apiary
  214. Black Ink Pad
  215. Bobs Home for Writing
  216. Box o Whine
  217. Giggles and Guns
  218. This Journey called Life
  219. The Life of a Novice Writer
  220. Lisa Ricard Claro-Writing in the Buff
  221. Memphis Writes!
  222. The Rainy Day Wanderer
  223. Notes Along the Way, writing, art, and travel blog
  224. Blue, Purple, and Scarlett
  225. Meika @ Waiting on the Muse
  226. Cindy @ *She Sparkles#
  227. Trisha @ W O R D + S T U F F
  228. The Aspiring Sub-creator
  229. Wakelas World
  230. begin. . . begin again
  231. Madison Woods
  232. Amy@ FloweryFashion
  233. Loralie @ Apathys Hero
  234. Susan @ Wiggle Room
  235. Walk2Write in Florida
  236. SheilaScribbles
  237. Steven Chapman (writer)
  238. Emilys Playhouse
  239. Life by Chocolate
  240. Penned Pebbles
  241. Celery Tree
  242. The Process of C.
  243. Michelle in a shell
  244. LanaD@ SoberChronicFabulous
  245. For the Love of. . . .
  246. Tiptoe Kisses
  247. mainewords
  248. KC Kendricks Between the Keys
  249. Blue Blithers
  250. Porkys Expanse!
  251. Tizzy @ Impossible Dreams
  252. jeanne@ Captive Audience
  253. Lessons from My Reading
  254. J. D. Browns Blog
  255. Fiction and Film
  256. Just My Type
  257. Austin James Here
  258. Life in Clarity
  259. Lunching on Lamias
  260. Life on the Muskoka River
  261. Pauls´s Bods
  262. Wordy Living in Belfast
  263. Penwasser Place
  264. The Other Side
  265. The Woman Condition
  266. Axe & Hammer
  267. Occams Samurai Sword
  268. Stay On Target!
  269. Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal
  270. Its All a Matter of Perspective
  271. Places to Go, People to Be
  272. Jeans scribbles
  273. Cradle of Rabies - From Role to Games
  274. Lisa Aldin: Dear Novel. . .
  275. sixtyfivewhatnow
  276. Friend Grief
  277. Stephanie V
  278. A Character For Every Game - an RPG blog with maps
  279. Michelle Julian @ Writing Possibilities. . .
  280. Soooz Says Stuff
  281. Belle Wong
  282. Home in the Hollow
  283. Kates Book Nook
  284. Michelle Gregory@ beautiful chaos
  285. Inside My Head
  286. Bev@ My Readers Block
  287. Just Twaddle
  288. Greg a. k. a. Shinobicow - The Dump Stat
  289. JesiMarie @ This is a Blog
  290. Blog Book Tours
  291. Creepy Query Girl
  292. I Refuse To Go Quietly!
  293. Freckles & Faith
  294. Red Boot Pearl
  295. Scribble & Scatter
  296. Justified Lunacy
  297. Becky Taylor
  298. Faith @ Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns
  299. Julie Jordan Scotts Julie Unplugged
  300. Tessa Conte
  301. me and my thinking cap
  302. Melissa J Cunningham
  303. Dawn Embers
  304. Shannons Book Bag
  305. Melissa Sarno
  306. Claudie A.
  307. La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta. Fotos Abstracta
  308. My Writing Blog
  309. Elsi @ Pasticcio
  310. Whats up with Michelle?
  311. The Writing Nut
  312. Flash Fiction
  313. Tower of the Archmage
  314. WRITE WILD: On Picture Books. On Writing. On Life.
  315. Romancing the Blog
  316. Gabriela Lessa - An Aspiring Writers World
  317. Indie Book Blog
  318. Jen @ Whats On The Bookshelf
  319. Beths Blog
  320. The Armchair Squid
  321. Gems and Rhinestones
  322. Experimenting Poetry Forms !!
  323. cat@ composingcat
  324. Yellow Matter Custard
  325. Halloween Blues
  326. House of Happy
  327. Milo James Fowler
  328. The Lands of Ara Old-School Gaming Blog
  329. Older Mommy, Still Yummy
  330. Haley Johnston
  331. Cleveland Dietz II @ Everything in a Second
  332. French Elegant Jewelry
  333. Back From the WorldExpat in Singapore with Child
  334. Rekha @ Achronicleofdreams
  335. Page Turning
  336. Writing with Debra
  337. Finding Bliss
  338. Liz Fichera
  339. Poe Family Blog
  340. Time for a Bucket List
  341. Open the Toy
  342. English Speaking Zone
  343. Reach for the Sky
  344. Julsbeads
  345. Razzys Corner
  346. Our Life Adventures
  347. Life of rescued pound puppies
  348. Suzanne @ Blue Sand Studio
  349. mEthOdiCal MAdneSS
  350. Secretaries Secrets
  351. Jerbehs Blog of Whatnot
  352. Better is Possible
  353. Little Plastic Man
  354. My Life
  355. Carlas Writing World
  356. From These Hollows
  357. Castles in the Air
  358. Not Quite Superhuman
  359. Heidi Windmiller @ then she writes
  360. Inspiration, Art and Creativity
  361. Oak Lawn Images-Photo Greeting Cards & Prints
  362. Two Shoes in Texas
  363. The ramblings & obsessions of a fishermans wife!
  364. True Epicure Says
  365. Graphomaniac
  366. Dropped Stitches
  367. Stephanie Thornton
  368. Sage
  369. Our Life, Plain and Simple
  370. Anne K. Albert
  371. The Regal Renegade
  372. Wicked Stepmother
  373. Paranormal Passions
  374. Legos and Lightsabers
  375. Between The Lines
  376. Lacers Life
  377. Wanna buy a duck
  378. Our home called Kuantan
  379. Daily Dodo
  380. Follow Your Gnose
  381. Writing on Hayling
  382. Thats Ahhsome
  383. Woman Wielding Words
  384. Shade of the Morning Sun
  385. wicklessandscented4ever@ gmail. com
  386. My bric-a-brac
  387. An de walls came tumblin down
  388. The City of Iron
  389. Karla at The Writing Pad
  390. Vikki @ Reflections In A Wave Pool
  391. The Lunch Box
  392. Breakfast Every Hour
  393. Hanna la Kiw
  394. Today I think. . .
  395. Melodys Musings
  396. Dry Humor Daily
  397. Her World
  398. Bards and Prophets
  399. Stephanie @ Scribbler to Scribe
  400. Words World and Wings (Catherine)
  401. Spann of Time
  402. The Book Gatherer
  403. Coming Back Into Life
  404. Unloading my Brain to Fill it Again
  405. Armorian Empire Trilogy
  406. A Helicopter Mom
  407. writercize
  408. And so the story goes. . .
  409. Author India Drummond
  410. A Cluttered Mind
  411. Tiffani @ Thoughts From Tiffani
  412. Holly Ruggiero
  413. hip chick
  414. Bob Sanchez
  415. Jeffrey Pierce
  416. Palace of Twelve Pillars
  417. Daily Journey
  418. Creatively Spilt Ink
  419. A Story Book World. Authors, Agents & Editors O My
  420. Food and Fond Memories
  421. The Artistry Collective
  422. Mama Chocolate
  423. The Guardian Writer
  424. ali cross
  425. Pawnys Pen
  426. My Next 20 Years of Living
  427. A Piece of My Mind
  428. Anastasia V. Pergakis
  429. Paula Martins Potpourri
  430. Claires writing log
  431. InspiredbyLisa
  432. No Clever Craft
  433. adreamygal
  434. SwimWriteRun
  435. Upwards Over the Mountain
  436. Time To Spare
  437. The making of a Moaner
  438. Formula Mom
  439. AlexWorld
  440. African love
  441. Mercys World
  442. Rogues Home Cooked
  443. The Writer Coaster
  444. A Possessed WIP
  445. M. P. McDonald Has the Write Stuff
  446. Strategic Chic
  447. Gladiators Pen
  448. Creative Chatter
  449. BecomingB Brea
  450. Kelly - My Voice, My View
  451. Jack Edwards Poetry
  452. The Ramblings of Charlie Brown
  453. Monica-Marie A Work In Progress
  454. Get Fit Senior
  455. Choice was an extravagance
  456. The Blog Of Fascination
  457. Charlene Blogs
  458. Making of Prince
  459. This sounds challenging. Im in!
  460. Thebluestbutterfly
  461. Connecting the Dots
  462. Nia Raie: Life in Retrospect
  463. The Non-Review
  464. Fredas Voice
  465. Stephanie Haefner @ The Writers Cocoon
  466. Toni @ nzreader
  467. Odd Ramblings
  468. The Write Soil - Writing Exercises
  469. C. E. Wood Inspired
  470. GailMBaugniet
  471. Jims Girl Family History Blog
  472. Marcus Writing Investigated
  473. Jaydee Morgan
  474. castaboldeye
  475. Taliesin
  476. Carey @ Whole in Him
  477. Random Writings
  478. Fifi Flowers
  479. Nicki Elsons Not-So-Deep Thoughts
  480. Dorothy Evans
  481. Sharon Mayhew
  482. The 9 and 30 Kingdoms rpg blog
  483. Pondering through Life~ River
  484. A Coffee Driven & Adventure Bound Life
  485. God Brought Me Here For A Reason
  486. Thoughts and Perception
  487. Me and My Huggybear
  488. Living Life To The Fullest
  489. Wagging Tales
  490. Moody Writing
  491. Sword+1
  492. Pocketful of Playdough
  493. 10 minutes 2 breathe
  494. Chary Johnson Bronx Tales & Inner Musings
  495. A Mothers Touch
  496. Action Typist
  497. Gaming All Over The Place
  498. Spunk On A Stick
  499. A*Musings by Shelli Proffitt Howells
  500. B/X Blackrazor
  501. Madi N Makayla
  502. Little Red Henry
  503. The Jovial Priest
  504. The E. C. Bunch
  505. Quill or Pill - a blog on writing and pharmacy
  506. Debs Morning Pages
  507. SuddenAlarmofDonkeys
  508. Blush of Dawn
  509. Lloyd of Gamebooks
  510. Enjoy Birth
  511. RedwaldRPG
  512. Reel Film Talk
  513. Shah @ WordsinSync
  514. Laura Pauling
  515. Word Doodles
  516. Christine Bryant @ Day Dreamer
  517. =]V[= Brew Log
  518. My Bits and Bleeps
  519. Chasing Dreams
  520. The Saga of the Concrete Jungle
  521. They say Everyone has a Story. . .
  522. Anniee451 PurelyPolitics
  523. So-Cal Library Connection
  524. Martha
  525. Marie Annes Missives
  526. Debbie & Harrys Kitchen
  527. International Woman
  528. Adler James
  529. Clew at Clews Blues
  530. Tales of a Sloth
  531. Tamara Writes. .
  532. Huntress @ Spirit Called
  533. Hollys Crafts Blog
  534. Finding My Life in Faith
  535. Necessity Breeds Creativity
  536. Sand Castles and Snow Forts
  537. Encouraging Sweetness
  538. The Frustrated Foodie
  539. Callie Leuck
  540. Mary Brebner
  541. Lucy Adams
  542. A Hootie Hoot
  543. Wisdom Virtue and Rubies
  544. Can U Relate
  545. Writing in Wonderland
  546. life of riles
  547. No Write or Wrong
  548. Write at Home with Kelly
  549. Off The Record With Debbie And Tony
  550. The Caffeine Coquette
  551. Distracted by Shiny Things
  552. Live Love Longacre
  553. Ruth Welcome to Me
  554. Book Dreaming
  555. Julie @ The Climb
  556. My musing on psychology and stuff
  557. Weaving a Tale of Two
  558. Unvlmom Writes at Curtain Journey
  559. Unionvale Homeschool
  560. Templetons fury
  561. This, That. . . The Other Thing
  562. Paul Anthony Shortt @ Coffee Thoughts
  563. Mish@ Writer~In~Transit
  564. bendedspoon
  565. Jingle
  566. FlutterFriends
  567. Rasz Art
  568. Giggle, Laugh, Cry
  569. Fuego, metal y color
  570. Ellas Blog : D
  571. The Tales of Sirius the Dragon
  572. Outsmarting Aging
  573. One Meal Each Day
  574. Foovays Cauldron
  575. Free Printable Coloring Pages Blog
  576. Emma @ The Voices in my Head
  577. The Adventures of Nubby Tongue
  578. Unique and Funky Gifts
  579. Pawnys Pen -- ignore previous entry
  580. Other Ways of Writing
  581. Laugh Quotes
  582. Jonathan Green, Author
  583. Angeline Trevena
  584. Trisha Leaver
  585. Mara Nash
  586. Ellen Brickley
  587. Dafeenah
  588. Attack of the Foodies!!!
  589. T. C. Mckee
  590. A Fleeting Moment
  591. Kristine Asselin, Writing. For Real.
  592. Everything you didnt want to know about writing.
  593. Emma Krrys Notebook
  594. Alison Runham
  595. Cre8tiv Glory
  596. Fur Will Fly
  597. Write, Wrong or Indifferent
  598. In the Garden With Sow-n-Sow
  599. Every Day Crochet
  600. Women and Words
  601. Princess of Procrastination
  602. Mandarin Blue
  603. Under The Trolls Bridge
  604. RG Senechal
  605. Linda Faulkner
  606. Author Exchange Blog
  607. Sherrie(Just Books)
  608. Julie @ WhatElseIsPossible?
  609. Soul Seeking Mama
  610. The Giraffability of Digressions
  611. All Eighties, All The Time
  612. onebaddate- adventures of a single girl
  613. Hearth Cricket
  614. RJRDaydreamer
  615. Cathy, lost and found
  616. Quilthexles World / Frauke
  617. BLOG
  618. Spacerguy
  619. Small Things Honored
  620. RuthieTootie Wishes
  621. Widowsphere:
  622. Jeanmarie Anaya. . . Writer in Progress
  623. Old School Heretic
  624. Nofretiris Dream Of Writing
  625. Jolly@ SouthernKiwiChick
  626. Edited to Within an Inch of My Life
  627. Karma Is. . .
  629. Word Grrls
  630. Conversations with Kylie D
  631. LuAnns Writing on the Wall
  632. Down the Muses Path
  633. Bakers & Artists
  634. A Season for All Things
  635. DonPennington. info
  636. Whitney Inspired
  637. Random Thoughts By Danni
  638. Arkansas Homeschoolers
  639. A Fat Girls Reality
  640. The Precocious Scribe
  641. Pop Culture Punch
  642. Nickers and Ink
  643. Akbar the Tentmaker
  644. YCN
  645. Content for Foodies Blog
  646. Recipes That Please With Ease
  647. Scented Weddings
  648. The World of Julie B
  649. Mother Morgan, May I?
  650. Krista D. Ball
  651. Gotta Do Disney!
  652. Secrets about Secrets by Sylvie Branch
  653. A Time To Shine
  654. Gods Imperfect Princess Says
  655. Musings of a Wanna-Be Writer
  656. Langley Writes About Writing
  657. A Rich and Random Life
  658. On The Subject Of Being Speshul
  659. Author Site: Conceiving, Believing and Achieving
  660. Lisha Cauthen @ The Imaginal Realm
  661. Nesting: Ramblings from a stay at home mom
  662. Left Brained by Day; Write Brained - All The Time
  663. Not Just Another Mother Blogger!
  664. I Made It Through The Rain
  665. Practically at Home
  666. The Mane Point
  667. My Heart Blogs To You
  668. Who said being random was bad?
  669. Montessori Writer
  670. Montessori Writers Thoughts
  671. Andis Gardening Experiments
  672. Empty Nest Insider
  673. goodselfme
  674. Porter Productions
  675. The Ramblings of Krazy Kendall
  676. RodneySouthernSays
  677. Solitary Mama
  678. Joanna in Victoria
  679. Momfessionals
  680. Brooke Lorren - World Competes
  681. Brooke Lorren - The World Around Us
  682. Ravings Ramblings and Rants
  683. Ravings Ramblings and Rants(the right link)
  684. Tara Tyler Talks =)
  685. Yamini Meduri
  686. Theres Dungeons Down Under
  687. B. Miller Fiction
  688. Momtrepreneur Moments
  689. Article Writer For Hire
  690. Write W. A. V. E. Media
  691. Poverty and Homelessness
  692. a-9ja-great
  693. Tales Of the TollHouse Cookie
  694. Barking Alien
  695. The Art of Being Ness
  696. R. C. s Twin Cities Beat
  697. With Flowers In Your Hair. . .
  698. Sara Khan @ silvershells
  699. MiscMayzee
  700. BeautyIsFluid
  701. PlainFolksBlogging
  702. Smokeand300Mirrors
  703. Flabby Girl Fit Woman
  704. StraightfortheJugular
  705. Perception is Reality
  706. Express Your Faith Magnets and more.
  707. ResidentGamer
  708. Modern Appendix N
  709. Couch Potato Journal @ Trimming the Couch Potato
  710. Joy In The Journey
  711. The Gilded Quill - E. M. Jenkinson
  712. Roy"s garage sell and auction
  713. Sandra Tedford
  714. Zalchis
  715. Whitney Boyd
  716. My Thoughtful Spot… . . . an awakening of unvoiced
  717. Mikes Ramblings
  718. Jolene Perry
  719. The Badger Kings Den
  720. TheWriteJoyce
  721. Better Than Ordinary
  722. Common Sense
  723. Fit Mama Drama
  724. Plain Jane
  725. Nicole Amslers Midwestern Dysfunction
  726. W Is For Writing
  727. Choice City Native
  728. Ramblings of a Daydreamer
  729. My short stories
  730. From My Perspective
  731. Christa Writes
  732. referenceplease. wordpress. com
  733. Asshat Paladins, an RPG gaming blog
  734. referenceplease. wordpress. com
  735. Social Science Medley
  736. Sharon the Librarian
  737. The Nice Ladys Crafty Blog
  738. Crafting Jewelry With The Nice Lady
  739. Adventures that Score!
  740. Courageous Mind
  741. Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy
  742. Thefeatherednest
  743. InsideMyPoemBook@ UmamaheswariAnandane
  744. Writing at Home for Money
  745. Blogopolous
  746. Seton Hill Writers
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  2. Loved the award you have created. As a kid I was fascinated with Zebras. I am sure the fascination still continues. :)

    Congrats to your awesome awardees; 642 wonderful bloggers.

  3. Yikes! Is it only 642? I know tons more did it! Gotta fix it! Sorry, guys!

  4. Congrats on completing the Challenge and many thanks for the award! Hope we can keep in contact via our blogs - though I'll probably go back to blogging once a week (or maybe twice) from now on.

  5. Thanks for the ccomment, congrats yourself on completing the A to Z AND also thanks for this wonderful award.

  6. Big up to all the A-Z bloggers who made it to the end !!!!!! :)


  7. Thank you so much for the award. This is one award that I really feel I've earned. Great meeting you through the A to Z. I've met some lovely bloggers. And good luck with visiting all 1282 of us.

  8. Congrats on finishing the A - Z challenge AND keeping up with and typing in all those names1

  9. Yeah we did it! And thanks for making the award! It's a hoot!

  10. Congratulations you A-Zedders!!!! Yay for the Zebra too!!! Take care

  11. Haha cute award! I'm so glad we all made it to the end! :)

  12. Awesome! I still have so many blogs to visit. Hopefully I can get to everyone in May.

  13. The award you made is awesome! Congrats to everyone who completed the challenge. Is it too early to plan for next year's challenge? *laughs*

  14. That award just made me smile.

    Woot! We did it.

  15. Thank you for such a lovely award. I will put it on my blog for sure. I'm not sure what I have learned. But I do enjoy reading everyone's blog and all their comments to my post.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  16. Thanks, Elizabeth. Wow, you even copied the whole list!! I didn't visit as many blogs as I wanted to, but did enjoy it just the same! See you on another round!
    In Miniature Style II - Minis, pix, projects, fun!

  17. What a nice idea and cute award! Yea! I'll put it on my blog and link to yours very soon...

    So nice to meet you and congrats on making it all the way to Z ;-)

  18. I will write something about this experience on my blog. It has been so much fun learning, enjoying, meeting new friends, getting encouragement from comments, and much more. I also came to realize that English is no longer my second language, Swedish being my first, but English is now my first language, the language I know the best and enjoy the most.--Inger

  19. Such a cool award idea. Thanks Elizabeth!

  20. Thanks so much for the award and congrats on finishing. One day I might ask you how to make awards - it's something I haven't done yet but would like to learn.

  21. I forgot: Thank you so much for the Zebra award.--Inger

  22. Dear Elizabeth Thank you for the award! How very sweet of you. Hope you will be back to visit me often. :)

  23. What a great job and the challenge was so much fun!

  24. Thank you for the beautiful award! I am sorry to see the challenge end as I did last year. I love this particular opportunity and always hate to see it go.

  25. Hi, Elizabeth! I LOVE the award!!! Best award EVER because of the zebra, of course, and because we completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge!!! Wahoo!

  26. he he this one was funny :)
    Congrats to all of the survivors of the challenge :) And to us - your audience :)

  27. That is awesome, Elizabeth! A zebra - perfect. Thanks so much!

  28. Thank you, Elizabeth! And congrats to everyone for a job well done! Looking forward to next year! And all the challenges to come in between!

  29. Awesome award, Elizabeth! Thank you! I love zebras anyway, but it's a perfect symbol of completing the challenge.

  30. Thank you so much for the award! Congratulations on a strong finish. This has been a blast!!

  31. I am sooo proud to display this award. Congrads to us all!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) YAY team.

  32. Thank you, Elizabeth! Love the award and I do feel a sense of achievement for having completed this Challenge. The pic in the award reminds me of Laura Marcella's blog post for the letter Z. Yep, we're all awesome and determined blogging creatures! We should all take this attitude to our writing, which reminds me, I have a lot of editing and writing to catch up on. :D Thanks again! You're wonderfully creative to think of this!

  33. Very nicely designed award! Thanks for the sentiment and I think we should be pleased with having acomplished this month. Now - how about we get on to world hunger! ah, you think I'm kidding but I'm not!! Let's figure it. We have collective power - why not harness it for something that could change things radically. I'll be in touch. In the meantime, let's have a martini and celebrate.

  34. You did a terrific job creating the award! Yes we did it!
    What did I learn? That having focus on posts is very helpful. :)

    Thank you for the award!

  35. I think you should get an award for making that list!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on "surviving" the A-Z :-D

  36. Wow I am thrilled thank you and congratulations to you also. Love Zee French sounding Z blog post! Thanks for the award. :O)

  37. Thank you for the award! How fun. :) WAHOO FOR COMPLETING THE CHALLENGE.

  38. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. It's adorable and I'll put it and a link to you on Monday's wrap-up post.

  39. That is suuuuch a bloody long list of names! LOL. Thank you so much for the award, it's pritteh!! And I love the zebra :D Congrats on getting through yourself!! xx

  40. Thanks for the award, Elizabeth. Looks like an awesome list to go down!

    Enjoyed it all, learned a lot!


  41. Hi Elizabeth .. thanks so much for the Zebra .. one of my favourite African animals .. always loved seeing them in the bush ..

    I've enjoyed it .. and great meeting you and I hope staying in touch .. cheers Hilary

  42. Whoa!! That's some serious linkage love! Thanks for the award, and congrats to you for making it through the alphabet! It was a fun challenge, n'est-ce pas?

    I'm bookmarking this page, too. I wasn't able to visit all 1200+ participants this month, so I'll use this post to make my rounds. Thank you!!

  43. Thanks for the award. last year I started late. This year I started off ok and got too busy in life. Hopefully I can get a few more thoughts in and finish the last few letters in May. Thanks again

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    Cheesecake. Pink Floyd. Love Jesus above all else.
    DJ GlenMC

  44. You rock, you really do! I am astonished that you're spending the time to get around to everybody and present this award. There are so many people in this world who can't even manage to spare a few minutes for a "friend" sometimes...and here you are, putting out all of this effort to encourage and inspire. In more ways than one, this challenge, and the people I've met, have restored my faith in the goodness of humanity. Thank you so much. hugs and warmest wishes, Lisa @ FlashFiction.

  45. congratulations happy blogger :)

  46. did all 1282 people really complete the challenge? If so, that must be a record. I LOVE this award! Thanks so much and congrats to you too!

  47. What a great award to create - thank you!

  48. Hey Elizabeth,
    Whew! We made it. What a ride. What a rush. What an awesome challenge. I'm glad to be counted among the survivors. :)
    Thanks so much for this fabulous awards. I shall post it proudly.

  49. I am so excited to get my lovely award! how do I post it? nice to be following you now! You are a delight!


  50. Thanks, Elizabeth! What a great idea. It's been great fun and I can't even believe how many participated! Outstanding!

    THanks so much for the award! :)

  51. What a great award! Thanks so much! There were a couple of letters that were difficult, but this was a lot of fun. I'm glad I joined in. Congrats to you for finishing as well!

  52. Thanks for the award! It'll take me until the mid of May to fully survive the challenge as I still need to get to the remaining 400 or so blogs that took part in this challenge.

  53. Thanks for the awesome badge! I added it to my post with a link back nice of you. Was great to see everyone from last year and all the new faces this year.

  54. Awesome award. Thank you very much. Congratulations on completing the A-Z challenge as well. Well done!

  55. Thank you, Elizabeth. We worked hard this month and all deserve a pat on the back. I will post the award with pride.

  56. Thankz so very much! I will wear my badge with honor! I learned that there are tonz of thingz to blog just have to be creative! No excuzez when ya think there'z nothing to blog about! THANKZ AGAIN!

  57. Congrats on surviving the challenge! What a lovely award!

  58. Yah! Congrats on finishing! It's been quite a challenge. And, what an awesome award, thank you so much! ;-))

  59. Thanks for the award! Cute! I am working on my final post as I type...

    Congrats to everyone for hanging in there!

  60. What an adorable award! So cute, thanks!!!

  61. Zippety do dah! We did it. Congrats to you and thanks for the award.

  62. Congratulations to you and everyone else for making it through. Great award! I will link to it on my Monday post. We also have an official A to Z Winners Badge which will be available on Monday.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  63. Nice! I like it! Still can't believe there were nearly 1300 people doing this challenge!

  64. Thanks for the awesome badge Elizabeth. So sweet. I will proudly display it, with your link, on both my Travel and Writing blog. Thank you and congrats on finishing the challenge with aplomb.


  65. Thank you Elizabeth for the award, it will be displayed proudly on my blog. I didn't even realize there were 1282 participants. It's going to take me a while to get them all but that is my next mission. Enjoyed the trip!

  66. Thanks for the award, that's very kind of you to do that! And, congrats on making it to the end of the challenge!

  67. Awesome! Thanks so much.

    Y was the hardest for me, Z was the easiest!

    This was a lot of fun.

  68. I am THRILLED with the awesome award for the A-Z challenge and the fact that we MADE it through~!! I thank you EVER so much, Elizabeth~!! And, congratz to you for getting to Z~!!

  69. thanks so much for the award Elizabeth - congrats on surviving the A-Z challenge. It was fun (sort of).


    Thank you Elizabeth!

  71. Thanks for dropping by my toy blog and giving me the awards. :) You did great too!

  72. You are wonderful for doing this. I'm going to replace the A-Z Challenge button with this one right now. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  73. Yeah, we did it! Congrats on finishing the crossing line and I love the award! Thank you~
    I love all the green over here(my fav color)!

  74. Thank you for making this laughing zebra award. WOW we all really did it.

  75. Awesome zebra award, put it right under the challenge badge on my blog. Thanks.

  76. Thank you for the award. I'd imitate a Zebra if I knew what sort of noise it made.

  77. This is a beautiful award. Thank you very much. I'm happy we connected. :)

  78. Hi Elizabeth! I made it further than I did last year, so thank you for the award!


  79. How brilliant! We made it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the badge :)

  80. so cool! we did it! wohoooo!!! :)
    thanks so much for the award! *hugs*

  81. Wow, congratulations on that list alone! Thanks so much for the award, I haven't really completed the challenge but I think I'll display it anyway, it's too nice not to :-) Maybe I'll make a better job of it next year.

  82. We made it! Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it on. I shall put it in my reflections post on Monday.

    Ellie Garratt

  83. This is such a nice surprise. I enjoyed every bit of the challenge. The last seven days began to be a chore. I didn't think I could do it. I just didn't want to give up. I haven't done well in any past challenges. So, is truly my first success. I might just try it again. Thank you so much. I love my zebra buddy too. Thanks.

  84. My blog address is

  85. Elizabeth - thanks so much for this award, much appreciated! Well done for completing the A-Z challenge AND for compiling that list - that's some feat!

  86. You're a sweetheart! Congrats on completing the challenge! :o) xoxo

  87. Congrats Elizabeth--I'm happily accepting the award. Whew! It's been great!

  88. Congratulations Elizabeth! And thank you so much for my award. I'm following and I'll definitely link back to you. How come I only just found you (better late than never)!

  89. Huge congrats, Elizabeth, and thank you so much for the award. It's amazing. Fun. So kind of you!

  90. Well done everyone, the award does look rather amazing. Well deserved by everyone

  91. Congratulations on finishing the Challenge! :D

    Awesome award. I'll definitely post it and link to you!

  92. I love the award and it's well deserved. I've stopped in at several of the blogs participating to see what's going on. Lots of fun. I'll take the A to Z challenge next time. :-)

  93. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I think we all deserve a pat on the back.

    Thank you for the award!

  94. This is amazing and so sweet. I learned the topics that interested me most had the most readers, apart from the Frozen Food one, which still has the most clicks, so I guess food rocks in any sense. Same with my Mozzarella poem, apparently people like discussing food.

    Thanks for the award.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  95. HOLY COW! Did it take you seventy hours to create that list?!

    Thanks for creating the award, I had fun with the challenge!

  96. Thanks so much for the Award - sorry I was called away by my pony's health. He's still not well so my own blog is in limbo, but just wanted to say thanks again and it was great fun.
    All best

  97. Congrats on finishing the challenge, and thanks for the award!! ^_^

  98. Thanks, Elizabeth! The award is awesome! I had such a great time with the challenge!


  99. I was just directed over here and...Wow! Thanks so much. The award is so awesome.
    I had a lot of fun with the challenge and have found (and keep finding) some really awesome blogs to follow!

  100. Wooooooo! Look at all those people! Congrats on making it through to the end! And thank you for the award!

  101. I was directed from Arlee's blog and was happy to see my name in your list.Thanks I did manage to finish the challenge :)
    Greens and the black lace ..nice theme

  102. I learned that I am resourceful, respond best under a deadline, and although I will cop-out when necessary (see the Letters G, I, and P ) I can also rise to the occasion and do better and more than expected from time to time.

    It was fun; I'd do it again; but I need a break!

    The social aspect was definitely the best part.

  103. Thank you very much for your award, I hope to keep in touch with you and I contant meeting you in this challenge. Greetings from Spain

  104. Thank you so much for this cute award! I have added it with a link back to you in today's post as well as on my "Awards" page.

  105. Wonderful award - thank you! It's the icing on the cake of my first group blogging challenge - fun! I linked your site in my post:

  106. Thank you for offering us a award to use on our blogs and for all the hard work it must have been putting that list together. :)

  107. Thank you so much for this award. We did do it, didn't we? This was so much fun...I'll be back next year.

  108. Thank you so much! Great blog award. Congrats to all of us!

  109. How thoughtful, and creative, your award is. It will add to my blog a sense of whimsy to go with the ditziness. Thank you!

  110. Thank you so much! What a lovely award to create, and what a challenge to visit all the blogs participating!! Thank you very much, I'm deeply honoured and grateful! :)

  111. Thank you! What an awesome award! I will definitely link and post my thanks on my blog tomorrow (Monday) too!

    This was a great surprise!

  112. Ha! This is so cute! Thanks! :D

  113. Thanks for the award! It's well deserved by all of us. And I do love zebras.

  114. Well done all of you for subjecting yourselves to the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' complete with the exclamation mark, for dramatic impact.
    Really nice to see further awareness of the alphabet!
    And to think that this challenge inspired me to do an alternative spoof to the whole thing. Thanks, I Gary, at his shy, humble, rather unknown and unassuming blog, am truly grateful :)

  115. What I've learned is this is crazy, but that I have a lot of stories and ideas and a little push in the right direction really helps me write... Thank you for listing all of the participants and the fun award to paste on our blogs.

  116. Thank you Elizabeth! It was a lot of fun taking part in the challenge. :)

  117. Thank you. It was fun ... and, WOW!, what a long list!

  118. Thank you! Congrats to you too for finishing the challenge. It was so much fun. :-)

    xoxo Sarah

  119. Thanks Elizabeth. I had fun and I love the award.

  120. That's a crazy list! Congats to everyone who finished, and thanks for the award! It was a lot of fun!


  121. Thanks so much for the award.
    Yes, we did it!

  122. Wow... so many to choose from! I'll have to follow you so I can not only read your stuff but also have this list to go through some others & see what great things I find!

  123. Thanks honey, i love the zebra. You have done a great job of the A-Z. :)

  124. Thanks for the award! I sure am glad this challenge is finally over!

  125. Thank you for bestowing me with this award. Much appreciated, I had a blast with the challenge!

  126. Elisabeth Thank you so much for this awesome award I will display it proudly. I will gladly link up and follow. It has been so much fun! I still have many I need to visit and do intend too. Thank you! It has been a journey. Im so happy to have meet so many.
    I have learned so much.

  127. Congrats on surviving the A- Z.....I will read all of those posts of yours someday soon......Thanks so much for the creative way of awarding all the survivors...will be posting it in my awards page soon...have a great week ahead. :)

  128. Aw thank you so much for making an award!

  129. What a great award. Thanks a million.

  130. Bless you for the award!!

    Thanks and it was fun, the entire blog-fest!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers

  131. You guys are SO welcome! It was such a fun month, it almost feels like goodbye, but I have you guys here--we'll always be connected!

    *HUGS* To everyone, enjoy the slower months ahead!!!


  132. You the bestest Elizabeth. Thank you

  133. Thanks for the great award. I've had a fantastic month :)

  134. woman, you're amazing for doing this!! I'm so glad it's over!!!

    Will I see you at the conference?

  135. Wow, look at that list! I'm not sure I'm in the position to collect the award, since I phizzled out after 'P'. But, thanks!!

  136. Thanks! And, Wow, what a list!!

  137. What a cool idea. Thanks for the award.

  138. What an amazing amount of work that went into this post. It must have taken you hours to provide the links. I am grateful for the award. Thank you so much, Elizabeth (I like your background, by the way).

  139. Thanks so much for the award. I am proud to display it.

  140. Aw thank you! And it's so great to have everyone listed here - I still have so many new blogs to visit. And am still trucking with the challenge - on Q so far... will probably finish at the end of May!

  141. Yes! It WAS fun and we did it! It was great connecting with you Elizabeth and thank you for the award! Langley Writes about Writing

  142. That is such an awesome badge! I will definitely wear it with pride! Congrats to all who took part!

  143. Thank you :) I learned that if I stick with it and post every day, I can attract more readers.

  144. Thanks for the award. Fun to find so many cool new blogs. (=

  145. Haha...fantastic idea! Thank you!

  146. Thank you. I'm a new follower and, Yes, I will link back to you with the award.


  147. Love this Award, Elizbeth! And thanks for making it. What a great way to end the blogfest! It was a lot of hard work and time off writing, but I"m glad I joined. I got to meet awesome bloggers like yourself. :)

  148. Thanks for the award. The challenge made me think, made me laugh, made me explore. Looking forward to next year.

  149. Thanks so much for the Zebra! I feel I've really been on a journey, and I've met so many wonderful people along the way. Many thanks for instigating this.

  150. What a great 'badge' for the blog - thank you! I've so enjoyed this challenge; I've definitely discovered blogs that I wouldn't have done otherwise.

  151. I can't believe I actually finished the challenge and on time too! It was so much fun! I've met a lot of great people along the way and hope to keep in contact now that the challenge is over.

    I was #542 to sign up for the challenge. I can't believe how many people signed up after I did! This challenge was a huge success!

  152. At the beginning I thought I must be crazy. I went from rarely posting to posting every day. I am so glad I did because it has been very rewarding and I have met so many new and wonderful people. Thank you!

  153. Thank You for the award!! I had a lot of fun. Can't believe the award is a zebra. It was my last post because it's my favorite animal. Please stay in touch, I will do the same.


  154. Wow, until just now, I didn't realize just how many people participated in this. I feel so isolated in my little Facebook group!! Thank you for your "we survived" award! I appreciate it and have posted it on my blogs. In the words of the inimitable Jason Hawes upon completing a successful ghost hunt, "On to the next!"

  155. This badge is stupendous. We cheetahs just LOVE zebras! ;)

    Marie at the Cheetah

  156. Thank you so much for this, Elizabeth!! You rock! :)

  157. Thank you! I think the zebra's face is priceless! ;)

  158. Wow - thanks! I'm with Yvonne, just above me in the comments. Great award graphic!

  159. Thank you! All I can say is Wow! Great award and congrats on finishing the challenge.

  160. Congrats on surviving the challenge and thank you so much for the award.

  161. haha, love the award! I'm definitely going to post it on my blog with a link-back - thanks from your newest follower! :-)

  162. Thank you so much for the award!!! It has been a great month... see you next time!!!

  163. Hahahahaha!!! It's the funkiest award ever!!
    Thanks!! :D :D :D

  164. Thanks for the awesome award! :)

  165. What a great work Elizabeth! Thank you very much for the cute award and congratulations on finishing the challenge! It was fun.

  166. Thanks for the Zebra! The A-Z challenge was a lot of fun. I'd only started my blog a month & a half before, so it was quite the deep-diving-in.

  167. Thanks for the award and congrats on finishing the challenge! :)

  168. Unbelievable, but we really did it! A-Z Challenge is over! :-) That's amazing ... and also a little sad! *sigh* A big applause to all of us!

    Karin @ Nofretiris Dream Of Writing

    P.S. Thanks for the ward! :-)

  169. Thank you! What a crazy and fun month it has been. ;-)

  170. cute award! it's perfect to end off the challenge. I've met such wonderful people through this and I am thankful for that.

    It really put me to the challenge when Easter arrived and then being ill towards the end of it but all in all it was fun!

    thank you for the award and I will proudly display it on my blog!

  171. Thank you so very much for this creative award. Yes...we did work hard on the A-Z Challenge but its been very rewarding for me. I've met so many new friends! Thank you again and congratulations on your book! It shows that perseverance pays off. I'm grateful to authors such as yourself who are an inspiration and make reading a desirable pastime for our young readers once again. God Bless.

  172. Thank you for the award! Congratulations on completing this year's challenge.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  173. This is awesome, thank you! (Sooo many names!)

    So glad I participated and got to know so many great folks.


  174. Wowzers! Thanks for the award! :D

  175. Wow! Not only did you participate, but you're handing out a crazy cute award to all (almost) 1300 participants?!!! D id for Dedication. Thanks so much, I'll post a link back to you as soon as I get a chance!

  176. Wow, this is quite a feat! Thank you so much!

  177. Yes we did it!! I thought I wouldn't be able to finish, but WE DID IT!!!!
    Thank you very much for the award and the badge.
    And congratulations to all of you. We rock!

  178. Thanks for the award! I'll place it on the blog.


  179. Thanks, Elizabeth! What a fun idea. :)

  180. Thans for the award. Goodness gracious you have a lot of mail!!! Congratulations for even attempting to get to all us finishers to give the award, and love zee 'z' pozt!

  181. Thanks for the visit and the award! This was a blast! Love the look of your blog, looking forward to reading more!

  182. This was so much fun, I enjoyed dropping by everyone's blogs for the award and for the new friendships we all forged with each other. You guys are awesome! <3

  183. Awesome award, Thanks! I'm adding it to my latest post - which is a blog break post since the A-Z challenge wore me out, LOL! I made it through, whoo-hoo! :-)

  184. Congrats everyone. It was fun!

  185. This calls for a hearty roistering indeed!
    I promised to tell the truth in all of these a-z posts. Now that it's over I can go back to lying all the time.

    BTW I am 17 feet tall and a secret millionaire.

  186. Thank you for the award, great to come out the other end! Zebras are my favorite:)

  187. Wow, I'm impressed that you've been keeping track of all the participants in the challenge. Anyway, thanks for stopping by all the gaming blogs, including my own. I'll be stopping back in the future to check up on your writings. :)

  188. Thanks, Elizabeth! What an impressive list! Congrats to all! :)

    Reflections on Writing

  189. thanks, Eliszabeth! and congrats to everyone!!! <3

    xoxo Mezo


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