Wednesday, October 2, 2019

#IWSG Lone Wolf-itis

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Welcome to mine!

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I have a problem that I struggle with and it's being a lone wolf. I'm the wolf that wanders the wild countryside, feeling forlorn as the rest of the pack frolics in the streambed while I look on. Yet, when I am called to join, I suddenly feel shy and resistant.

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This is the way it is with my writing. On social media, many of my writerly peers gather and share and swap while I look on. I do feel left out as I watch from the borders. However, if I'm invited to join the group as a whole I feel caught and bound.

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Another instance is the critique group: I love hearing about the camaraderie and friendships borne and nurturing that happens there. I watch with envy and yes, you guessed it: The moment I'm invited I have a slew of concerns I'm immediately faced with: 

1- I struggle with just doing 10 pages at a time, especially when I have a stash of completed novels. 

2- Can't we just swap entire books? Because my mind works one book at a time when critiquing, not in tiny segments which drives me absolutely bonkers! (Yes, that means I'm willing to swap entire novels with a single partner as well.)

3- Dividing my work with 2 people or more feels too much for me, especially when I relish the idea of hoarding a single person's attention all to myself (critique partner anyone?).

4- Most of the time, a person in a group doesn't want to meet on an individual basis, feeling it's not worth their time. Really? The power of one is fabulous--think of a tutor with a student. Right?

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any right now...

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I realize that I'm an introvert by nature. I thrive with a dedicated writing partner who takes me and my work seriously (and in turn, I am just as loyal and dedicated). I love soundboarding ideas, working through writer's block (I'm good at helping with detangling sticky block messes), cheering and encouraging and carrying, I love the idea of getting together on a regular basis just to write in silence. Ha! I make a good writing coach and partner. Who will take me seriously and not give up? In all the 20+ years I've been writing, I've yet to find someone who fits this. I can't be the only person out there who's this weird!

Am I?

(this video fits me--haha!)


How do you go about writing? Are you a lone wolf? Are you a social butterfly? How do you handle 10 pages at a time with critique groups? Do you ever feel the need of having one dedicated writing partner?