Wednesday, April 6, 2011

♥.•*¨E is for . . .


Okay, not the  queen, but this one:  ME!

Well, I have  so many E's to share  with you that really  get  me going! Ready for just one?

Echo: Every author does this--if not, wow, you're  my hero! Have  you picked  up a published novel  and found immediately  the writer's  favoritest  word? Or even  from your writerly companion's own WIP? It yanks you out of the story so hard you begin to take  count of all his or her  repeat  word.

What is your favorite  repeat  word that your editing partners nag you about? C'mon, don't be  shy!

Mine  is:  eyes!

photos found in, but for mine!


  1. Awwwww Elizabeth!!!! Queen Elizabeth!!! Yay!!

    I think my crit partners tend to say that I use "have" a lot! LOL! take care

  2. One of mine might be 'yard,' because I set many of my stories on farms, where the yard is as important as the house - There I go again - already mentioned yard twice (er, 3 times ...!)
    Thanks for the post and timely note of caution.
    All best

  3. My word is quickly. I used it well over 100 times in my original MS. I took out all but three usages and didn't lose anything from the story.

  4. My echoey words are chuckle and smile. Hey, at least my characters are happy, right?!

  5. Elizabeth, have you ever thought of doing your hair like the queen. You might look regal in an updoo. Not that you don't look regal anyhoo.
    I'm not sure that I have an echo word. My kids would probably say it's "no".

  6. just found the blog. look forward to visiting often.


  7. Was! I use "was" way to much!

  8. Hey Elizabeth ~~ enjoyable E post !!


  9. elizabeth -

    it's been a while, i know, but i'm in need of an artist! if you have some time and would be willing to help me with a quick sketch of sorts, would you email me?

    charactertherapist (at) hotmail (dot) com

    if not, no big deal. it's for my new website.
    the character therapist

  10. I've been called on 'tarnished', 'cracks', and 'gates'. It amazes me sometimes though the repeats they let me get away with.

  11. ecstatic... e entries!

    A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
    Jeremy [iZombie]

  12. Hi, guys! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you're enjoying your challenge so far. There's always a sticky spot waiting to traps us writers, isn't there? *sigh*

    Jeannie, I'll email you! :)

  13. looking forward to it. i believe some people have had difficulty reaching me at my email address, although i have no problem emailing from it. i haven't gotten anything from you yet, so i hope it hasn't already acted up. you can try jeanniemoodcampbell (at) gmail (dot) com as well.

    thanks so much!


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