Friday, April 15, 2011

♥.•*¨ M is for . . . Crazy Days of Motherhood, by Jane Still ¨*•.♥

The Crazy Daze of Motherhood

 Book Review: The Crazy Daze of Motherhood by Jane Still

Short, fun, sassy!

From the back of the cover:

"Jane is married to Rick Still, who she believes has the distinction of being the only man in history brave enough to give her earwax candles for her birthday. They had six children in eight years, and while her children were growing up, she discovered she had a great sense of humor.

At least that was her take. Rick once said to her, "Honey, you know all those real corny things you say all the time? Who ever thought you could make money at it?" Her son Adam once told her, "Mom, could you please stop telling jokes to my friends? It's really embarrassing." One of Jane's philosophies is, "You're not doing your job unless your children are worried about being seen in public with you.""

I had so much fun reading this book. It's a fresh breeze for mothers. It gives us a glimpse into a world where hope can thrive on humor and not feel so frantic about every ouwie or flooding toilet. I laughed out loud at every turn, and now my kids want to read it!

It makes me think on life and how short it is to be stressing over the little things. I can still be a fun-loving mom at the same time!

Jane Still does an excellent job at capturing moments of seeming peril and shedding the medicine of life to them: laughter. This is one book I'd love to read over and over again. Visit Jane at her website at or her blog!

If you want a fun-filled afternoon reading about someone else's chaos just to make you feel better, read  The Crazy Daze of Motherhood!

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You can win a fun prize from Jane to help celebrate the release of her book.  Just go to her blog at and become a follower, and then leave her a comment and tell her that you're a new follower.  You could win:

1. Mother's Daze basket, soap, chocolate, lotion, decorative candles, and recipe cards
2. Box of blank cards with a smattering of Canadian chocolate
3. Chocolate


  1. Earwax candles?!?!?!?! Seriously!!!???

    That's true love - truly!!

    Yay for Jane Still! Take care

  2. This sounds wonderful. 8 kids in 6 years?? I thought I had it busy with 4. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a fun book! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I must get this book. I must get two copies of this book. One for me and one for my new mother daughter.

  5. Love the title, quite apart from anything else! Sounds a great read and will look out for it.
    All best

  6. Jennifer, tell me about it! I loved this book. My kids are reading it now! XD

    Slarsen, me too! :D I bet you still have your stories to tell, too?

    Donna, you're welcome!

    Ann, Oh, you're so sweet! It'll make you guys laugh, promise! :)

    Karla, thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I know who will get this for Mother's Day -- besides me;0)

  8. What a fun blog you have. Thanks for your fun review. I am SO glad you loved and laughed at my book. I hear lots of kids and Dad like it too. :)


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