Monday, April 29, 2013

New Beginnings

So I took longer a hiatus than I intended and life has become so full, I don't know where to begin! From having a new baby, to my hubby being laid off and finding a job a month later, then having to commute over an hour away, to raising all five kids ranging from 16 years to 0 without my man around is giving me handfuls of white hair! Not to mention we're planning on moving closer to his job come the end of the school year and selling our house ...

On the meanwhile, I am focusing on breathing day by day and enjoying my kids--especially the newest one!
My little boy is healthy and strong and growing oh so fast! Here are his cute little feet that I'm using as my profile pic over on Facebook:

As far as my writing is concerned, my muse has been patient with me and decided to hibernate all these many months past. But I can feel him stirring and his ravenous appetite has me almost at a loss because ... how am I going to squeeze his demands in with all the rest?

I guess writing is a survival need for my sanity, I will force the time to write. I hope.

What have you been up to these past 12 months? Share with me your successes, I'd LOVE to hear them!