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Interview with Raebeth McGee-Buda, author of Silenced 2: The Overtaking

I decided to interview this talented writer, to dive into the mind of someone who can write such a poignant story about a young girl who struggles with life and feels she has no way out but to harm herself.

Welcome author Raebeth Buda!

When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up? Tell us about your childhood.
I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. I loved working with children. I loved watching the teacher write on the chalk board and pass out papers. My childhood was amazing. I have four sisters and we made such great memories with each other, which we laugh at today. (Audra this one is for you... “Tractors are junk!”)
I was quiet and always had my nose in a book. When I’d get into trouble, my parents would ground me from... books.. yep not toys but my books. LOL
I didn’t make friends easily but when I did.... I’ve kept a hold of them, even to this day! My parents always supported everything I wanted to do, even if I didn’t finish it. But most of all, my childhood was filled with love and blessings from our Lord. (My daughter has something in common with you, she loves to read books and I've often wondered about grounding her from them, too!)

How did your writing career take form? Don’t spare any details!
I always had a passion for writing. While growing up, I wrote short stories and poems. Of course I kept those to myself. Then in high school we had an assignment to write a short story. At the time, I still thought I was going to be a Cosmetologist/Nail Technician/Masseuse. As my younger sister and I were going through old boxes, she found the start of Silenced in a box and began reading it. Afterwards she insisted that I add on to it and make it into a full book. So I did. That’s where I found that I love writing books and I had a message to share. (Oooh, it's always wonderful to find a great start of a book from our past and turn into something even better!)

How many “book starts” do you have that you have never finished? Which of those is your most favorite one?
At this time I have six books that I am working on. At this time I would say that “Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello.” is my favorite because it has a lot of meaning behind it. It’s the story of my daughter, Dakota who was stillborn on May 25, 2013. This story will be our journey and how I found to cope. (I'm sorry about Dakota, what a wonderful way to honor her memory.)

Do you like dancing in the rain, or sitting under the porch, watching it?
That would depend. If I’m alone, I’d rather watch the rain. If I am with friends or family having fun..  yeah I’d be dancing.

Please, in about one or two sentences, tell us about Silenced.
A message of hope, which addresses self harm and depression. It’s the journey inside the mind of someone who is suffering from these issues and her journey. (I'm intrigued!)

Writing about self-infliction must have been difficult, what gave you the drive to see this book to its end?
I needed to get my message out there. It was difficult. But I wanted to show those who are struggling with self harm that there is hope and someone out there does care. (I'm sure there are a number of people who are suffering in silence and in shame because of it, what a fabulous thing for you to do!)

Did you cry in any parts as you wrote? Which? Why?
I did. They were parts of the book that were actual parts of my life.

How has this book touched the life of others?
As I have seen from reviews and personal emails, I have helped put into words the feelings that others feel every day of their lives when they couldn’t put it into words. I’ve helped parents recognize the signs and watch their own children to find them cutting and get them help. I’ve brought more awareness to self harm and depression. I’m very proud of it all. (That is definitly something to be proud of--to bring hope, and combat the ugly feeling of helplessness among your readers. Kudos, to you!)

What inspired you to write the sequel, Silenced 2: The Overtaking? Tell us about the title.
I needed to finish Amber’s story because it wasn’t over. Silenced is about her battle. The Overtaking is about her fight against her darkness and it’s outcome. The title is for one thing which I can’t really say without giving too much away. But will she overtake the darkness of cutting or will the darkness of cutting takeover her?

What message would you like to share with your readers?
A reviewer has summed up what I would want to say: no matter how bad things... there is a bright light at the end. Family, friends, and support groups are always a big help. But most of all Jesus will always be there for you. All you have to do is ask. There is nothing you could do that would make him turn you away. So when you think your helpless and lost, remember you are never alone just turn to him and he will give you the strength and courage to see there anything. (Well said!)

Please share with us your sites and where we can purchase your books! Where can your fans contact you?

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Thank you, Ms. Buda, for the fun interview, I enjoyed getting to you better. I wish you much success with every book. Please make sure you visit her links and become her fan!

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