Saturday, July 20, 2013

Square One

Life has been really crazy since Babykins was born. Finding time to write is scarce, but I have a stash of books previous that I've submitted to a publisher and they *love* my work, so you will be seeing those SOON!

I miss my blogging buddies and the fun I had when I blogged. It is barely enough that I can keep up with Facebook (updating in single sentences and hitting enter is so much easier than composing here as well as feeding my blog!).

As a writer, I feel that I've slipped ten steps back from the start of my career. I haven't really been connecting with my fans as much as I'd like, especially during my pregnancy.

Darkspell was published with a small publisher who restructured her company and I lost all confidence in myself as an author. Sad, isn't it? But I haven't lost confidence as a WRITER! I like to reminisce upon the good old days when all I had to worry about was writing, but then again, a new world has been blessed upon me as a published writer because I've met *so* many wonderful people and gained many great skills (public speaking for starters).

I will try to blog and visit your blogs when time allows--I also want to change the look and feel of my blog, this one is much too dark for me now. I'm sorry for neglecting my blogdom world!

How do you climb back on the horse after a huge separation?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby's Breath, YA fiction

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am 16. I had sex with Joshua. I never thought I'd end up pregnant and now I am terrified. I've heard of babies found in dumpsters. I am better than that. I will make sure someone finds him first before the cold does.

I was inspired by Project Cuddle to write this book.They work hard around the clock saving unwanted babies. Through their efforts, they have saved 730 babies the past 16 years! It takes about $2,500 for them to save one baby ...

My author royalties will go straight to supporting their remarkable cause.

While many parents want their kids to read books without sex, I purposely threw it in. Let's face it, sex among teens is fairly common--more common than we'd like. A book about the harsh consequences of sex is likely to impact readers than one regarding abstinence.

Baby's Breath shares with us a girl's traumatic experience of an unexpected pregnancy, and how she deals with her turmoil of hiding it.

Learn more about Project Cuddle:

Read first chapter here!