Monday, April 18, 2011

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How many writers here observe? Have you ever sat in a park and just watched how  people interact with each other? How  does a toddler handle a leashed dog  approaching? A young  mother with a crying baby? What about a couple about  to kiss on the bench?

On a different note: what is the procession of colors as the sun sets? A smaller bird's reaction when a larger one lands beside it? And the glitter of dancing leaves as the breeze tickles through?

There's a loout there for us t observe. Learn. Our research is right at the tip oour fingers!

What have you learned from  your  observations?


  1. I'm glad you posted this because it's what I love to do and where I love writing - out in the public, watching people's actions, listening to their words, the way they interact with each other.

    Good post!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. I do a lot of observing and note-taking. Best way to learn, I find.

    Moody Writing

  3. I love watching people and making up scenarios for them!! Take care

  4. I am a massive fan of people watching. I have learnt that people are curious individuals with their own ways of doing things.

  5. I learn best when I observe, and people-watching is a fascinating way to pass the time. :o)

  6. Congratulations, Elizabeth! You’ve been given The Versatile Blogger award. (Check Scribblers Cove.)

  7. Observations are tricky. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. Check out this youtube video.

  8. I love people watching. Airports are great for it.

  9. I often enjoy the people watching as much as the game at sporting events.

  10. I often have to remind myself that the story I've given someone in a moment of idle observation is all in my head (afterall, that man lugging a rolled up carpet probably isn't disposing of his wife's body ...)
    Thanks for great O post and lovely eye image!

  11. I often find myself watching people--and making up stories about them. :)

    There's so much to observe all around!

  12. Duncan, thank you! It's fun to observe others, isn't it? :D

    Mood, yes! It makes for natural flow in a book.

    Jennifer, lol! ;)

    Tabitha, so true! It's interesting to see how others work by the way they behave.

    Inspired, it's funner than television!

    Jonene, thank you! Shame on me! I feel like a shipwrecked ship lost out at sea! *Hugs*

    Em, wow, thanks for sharing that with us! :D

    Ann, so many rushing to nowhere it seems, doesn't it?

    Alex, I have to agree with that. Trying to figure out the 'rules' of which those people are going by is half the fun! :D

    Karla, ROFL!!! NO kidding! I've often wondered that. I see someone dragging a huge garbage sack and I wonder what it could be. lol! Thanks for the laff. ;)

    Eagle, oh, yes--imagination is pure magic!

  13. I became a writer so I have an excuse to stare at people. >:-)

  14. I'm constantly observing others. People never cease to amaze...

  15. Lisha, ROFL! So true... XD

    Liz, they are very interesting creatures, aren't they?

  16. It is amazing what one can witness, when no one thinks anyone is watching them! I now want to go share some guerilla art and sit in my car and watch. I have wanted to do this, but haven't....

    Love this post~

  17. I am a spy, a snoop, and a nosy guy. I like not only to observe but to listen in. I've stolen many conversations and interactions to use in my writing. I love people watching.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  18. Wow, you've hit on something I really struggle with. I'm probably one of the least observant people you'll ever meet :(

  19. You always have such creative posts. This is great. I love to sit and observe the world around me. That's were I find some very interesting characters.

  20. Ella, wow, I've NEVER thought about drawing what people are doing. That's a great idea! I like it!

    Lee, it's interesting how people interact with each other and how much it says about them as they do!

    Botanist--lol! That's okay. Try it, it's like a new world out there! ;)

    Kathi! That's wonderful, and I believe you, too. Your books have fantastic characters. <3


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