Friday, August 12, 2011

♥.•*¨ It ain't No Lie--I got SICK¨*•.♥

 Okay, so after one of my bestest friends encouraged me to submit Darkspell's query letter to her publisher, TreasureLine, and after much praying, I went ahead and jumped at the opportunity to go for it.

I had submitted my query thinking; the worst they can say is yes, right? And that yes means a life forever changed! I can be a chicken when it comes to change.

I know the saying goes: The worst they can say is no. So why didn't I think that? Because if they said no, my life would go on as if it never happened.

So this is what happened:

My publisher sent me a mock contract to see if we were made for each other. Guess what? After I submitted the MS, I got sick. Literally. I felt all sorts of morning sickness and lost sleep.

But I didn't say yes until I knew for sure that this was a perfect match.

All those strange words! So technical! So I spent the next several hours digging around the internet and only found a few that helped:


The first link taught me about ebooks and royalties to an extent, the second was more what I needed--but still, I had to know...

What better way to get gross detail than a bunch of published authors? I posted my question on my yahoo group and after about a day of grueling suspense, no one answered. I was distraught!

Then I prayed and asked Heavenly Father who the perfect author was to grill, and BAM! It hit me. I called her and she described every dirty detail to me and after she said it sounded "safe"*, I prayed more.

I thought long and hard on certain things and created an ongoing correspondence with my publisher, requesting negotiations. I printed our emails and filed them. After deciding, she sent me the true contract and then I printed it, signed it, and snail mailed it.

Silly me, but even after all this, I still asked myself if I was ready like a nervous groom at his own wedding!

And now I'm married to Darkspell. We're four months strong and going! Like any relationship, it takes time, hard work, dedication, lots of love, and patience.

Happy Friday!

Do you have a contract nightmare you'd like to share?

*bear in mind that this is a business and the contracts are created with the publisher's interest in mind, not necessarily yours. I've learned as I researched that many authors don't take the time to read the fine lines because of their over-enthusiastic nature in getting their book published.


  1. Glad you got better and researched all those words in your contract!! Well done you! Take care! x

  2. Knowing what you're signing is important!

  3. That sounds so scary, and makes me glad I'm only sticking to self-publishing at the moment.

    Glad you didn't give up though, I can't wait to read Darkspell! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Bleh, contracts and forms. Any contract I have to read is a nightmare and every one I sign is a leap of faith. Thank goodness for the Faith part. ;)

  5. Maybe it was good that you got sickish, it forced you to be extra careful and that is very important. I know an author whose first effort was offered to be published, and she jumped at it. Was a big mistake, took over two years to get published. I am glad that that will not happen to you.
    I wish you giant success with "Darkspell".

  6. Wow, good luck with your book! Contracts are scary!

  7. Congrats on the contract! Woo Hoo! But you're right, they're scary beasts.

  8. Jennifer, thank you! It gave me a huge headache. Lol...

    Alex, so true! :)

    Amy, you are a trooper for doing that as well. You get to be your own everything--kudos to you!

    Nicki, I know what you mean.

    Anthony, thank you!

    Missy, yes, they are. Thank you!

    Sandra, thank you. :)

  9. Well done, but boy that sounds scary. I think it must be sooo easy in the excitement of the moment just to jump in, so good on you for thinking it through so well

  10. Laura, I know what you mean. It can get very hairy to not know what we're getting into, though. It is so great to have so many writerly friends around who know what those things mean!


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