Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Digging into my Compost

Before I dig into my compost, I'd like to say that I'm happy to be back! Thank you, bloggie palz, for your TLC!

Now for the dirt . . .

I've decided to share the nitty gritty of my experiences* as an author from here on out. Why should I keep it under wraps? I am one to learn from others' mistakes as well as my own, and it's my nature to share what I've learned in hopes that what I've endured and am and yet to, will help someone out as well.

One thing that is blatantly clear is . . .

it is not easy being a published author, much less a debut author.

There's so much going on that no one ever talks about. I spoke with my BFF and she says that the debut author she's working with is flipping out with the "culture shock" of becoming one. Amen to that!

As aspiring authors, we learn the rules of writing a great book, the rules of writing a great query, 

the rules

the rules


At writers conferences they never talk about the in between stuff, the "behind the scenes" stuff of authordom. The road to published can almost be compared to being hired at a company (or studying at school). Yeah, sure, you go through their training (writerly rule-learning), and after 3 or more weeks of coddling (or years of learning), you go into the field and you are on your own, baby. Well, it's almost the same, but we aspiring authors are NEVER told what really goes on once we get to the "other side".

One thing that I've learned is that being an author is NOT for the faint of heart. Be ready to get your hands dirty.

Care to share your thoughts on this?

*these are the experiences of this crazy debut author--as our differences define who we are and how we feel, so will the experiences of every individual writer
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  1. Thank you for your wisdom and insight.

  2. I'm just dying to hear what goes on once one get to the "other side". Get your hands dirty, girl. Share! Spill the beans with those who dream ofr writerly success!

  3. I can't wait to read what you have experienced as an author. Please continue on this subject.

  4. There is always so much effort done behind the scenes!! Definitely not for the faint of heart!! Take care

  5. Are those your hands? You're a brave woman if they are. I always picture a frying pan with my brains sizzlng...that's how this whole writing to get published venture feels like.

  6. I really look forward to hearing all this! I feel like I have a mentor to ASK, but she is really really nice and not the type to dish the problems ahead of time, so a source spilling it sounds wonderful!

  7. Oh, so true. I can't wait to hear all of your experiences and insights.

  8. Only that I'm a lot more prepared now for my second book!

  9. Dish the dirt! What's it really like over there? Don't hold back. you promised.

  10. I imagine it can be a bit like the things that come out of the woodwork. Thanks for the view of happenings on the other side.

  11. The best thing about writers' blogs is how we share what's going on in the trenches. I applaud you with my own filthy hands. =]


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