Friday, August 26, 2011

FFW: Centuars, Dragons and Mermaids

For FFW, we are discussing creatures of sorts. I've written a novel and my main character is a snowy-white centaur. In my novel, he is one of the most powerful creatures in this magical world--even above the elves. He falls in love with an elfin princess, but she's been chased away from her kingdom by a band of rogue humans. Together, they traverse the lands gathering help to fight for her kingdom.

I've written a high fantasy novel that mentions a dragon in passing, but I have yet to write about one!

I started a mermaid novel--inspired by my hubby in a hot tub at a 
bed and breakfast with bubbles clouding him in.

I've written an epic high fantasy novel of elves with goblins and dwarves. No humans.

I started writing a novel involving fairies long ago. I wonder if my muse could still inspire me?

I could go on with unicorns and Pegasus and all those fantastical creatures! I have a novel brewing for Medusa, too!

I wonder what FFW palz have said about their fave creatures? Let's check them out! Alex J. Cavanaugh, Anastasia Pergakis, J.D. Brown, Deirdre Coppel, M. Pax, and Jeffrey Beesler.

What is your favorite creature to write about, or have dreamed about writing?


  1. My mystical creature of choice!

  2. I've always used to write stories about dragons and princesses when I was little... they were all terrible LOL but I had so much fun writing them!
    I really love the dragon picture... it kinda reminds me of the novel I'm currently writing :D
    Awesome post!

  3. Gail, that's great! What comes is what comes, right? :)

    Jess, ooh, really? I would love to read what you're writing! <3

  4. I love how your were inspired by your hubby in the bathtub! Yay!

    I hope your muse inspires you to write about fairies!

    I'm partial to talking animals or animals able to articulate themselves in stories.

    Take care

  5. I love dragons. Mean dragons, talking dragons, all sorts of colors and shapes. I love dragons. LOL. Love the pics.

  6. I've always been fascinated with Elves. I have lots of different creatures in my books, ones I've sort of morphed from the norm.
    Great post!

  7. Great pics! It's nice how your husband inspired you - I love dragons - the Eddie Murphy type!

  8. Beautiful pictures. It's wonderful how your husband inspired you. My husband is very human. *LOL* I wouldn't say I have a favorite creature because I'm fascinated by all sorts. I've written about werewolves, vampires, dragons, and recently, Sphinxes!

  9. I love dragons! If I had a favorite creature I'd like to write about that would be it.

    I was just about to say there's not much call for dragons in sci-fi, then I remembered one of my (partial) novels features a virtual intelligence that shows itself as a fearsome dragon in the online world. Does that count?

  10. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  11. I'd still like to do something with a dragon, but it seems overdone and cliched.

  12. I'd like to work a unicorn into one of my stories one of these days. I love all mystical creatures, but my favorites would have to be unicorns and fairies.

  13. Jennifer, it would be so cool to see a book written by you about Charlie the Talking Kittie! ;)

    E.Arroyo! They are amazing, aren't the? I love Shana Abe's dragon books of shapeshifters, she's wonderful!

    Mel, oooh! I'd so love to pick up one of your books then! :D

    Kittie, lol, thank you! Yeah, Eddie Murphy has a smooth voice and it makes the dragon even smoother! ;)

    Christine, what an array! I've yet to write about werewolves. And Sphinxes! Fascinating!!

    Botanist--interesting! Oh, I definitely count that! :)

    Lola, thank you! <3

    Alex, yes, I can see that. We writers need to find a fresh angle for the next wave!

    Sandra, those are wonderful creatures! I'd love to see your work! ;)


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