Monday, August 1, 2011

♥.•*¨Week Off¨*•.♥

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I had so much fun the past few months with the MC Interviews and my Pre Book Launch Tour last month. I was going insane at the same time because I was in the midst of edits and typo hunts and Darkspell illustrations (I averaged 4 hours per illustration and there are 39!) as well. 

My kids, to be honest with you, had literally ran the house for me. They cooked and cleaned, but played, too while I holed myself in my writer's cave--located where ever my laptop could go.

I am going to treat us wherever their little hearts desire this week of August 1st. We are going to the movies, the parks, swimming, picnicking, people-tipping and more! I'm going to play as hard as I worked and will take this week off from the internet world.

I will be back the 7th, until then, enjoy your summer and see you soon!

What I plan to write about when I return:  my authorly experiences, no holds barred.

So you work hard, how do you play hard?


  1. You deserve to play very very very hard with your family Elizabeth!! Enjoy your week off and see you soon! Yay for Darkspell's most fabulous book tour!! Take care

  2. Enjoy your week off - you deserve it!

  3. Awww! Sounds like you have great kids. Have fun hanging out with them on your well deserved break!

  4. Oh my gosh ... I have "played" hard all summer with my kids ... probably too much. Trips, volleyball camps, more trips, girls' camp, even more trips ... yikes. When does school start???


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