Monday, August 8, 2011

The worst They can Say is YES!

I haven't said much since TreasureLine picked up Darkspell. Soon after they had, I dove into MC interviews the entire month of June and held Darkspell's Pre-Book Launch July. I've been mulling my blog and into what direction I want to take it.

I'm the kind of friend who loves to share. I don't hide things. I love growing and seeing my friends grow, too. So I've decided to take my blog around a deeper corner. I want to share my every authorly experience with you. No holds barred. If you have questions, please ask away.

I must confess that when TreasureLine asked for my book, I was terrified. I knew that there was no turning back--especially since I had no doubt that this is my calling (I did tons of praying). As I submitted my query letter, this was my mantra: The worst they could say is yes. Crazy, isn't it?

I had no doubt that once someone said yes to Darkspell, my life would change forever. I am a creature of habit. Well, my dearies, once you enter the Twilight Zone, that's it--you gotta love what you do down to the last grain of dirt.

Tell me about your mantra. How does it keep you sane?


  1. Hooorah for Treasureline saying "Yes!"

    Enjoy the ride, Elizabeth! You have amazing exciting times ahead! Yay! Take care

  2. This is fantastic!!! Enjoy the journey.

  3. I looked at the picture and gulped. That's a brave soul!

    My Mantra? Never stop.

  4. I try not to let it go to my head! I knew life would change, although I've tried to keep my private life from turning upside down. One thing I've noticed is that people don't so much change when they become an author as that status simply amplifies what was already in them.
    Currently my mantra is oh crap, you can do this!

  5. It's a terrifying journey, for sure, but one worth the ride. (Love the crazy pi by the way ...)

  6. Yes, I know how you feel. I have a lot of fears, but I'm excited too. I'm excited for you!

  7. Jennifer, thank you for being so supportive! *hugs*

    Gail, thank you! ;)

    Carole, yes!

    David, me too! I wondered how he ended his ride! Love your mantra!

    RJR, thank you! :)

    Alex, lol... I know what you mean.

    Tracy, yes, so true!

    Angie, thank you! <3

  8. The worst they can say is YES! Lovely line. I wish you well on the rollercoaster and look forward to hearing about the journey.

    My mantra? Tricky. Probably a line from the Desiderata: You are a child of the universe. It reminds me of all those good thoughts in that wonderful verse.

  9. Awesome news!! Cannot wait to see it in print (or ebook!)
    My mantra - Live, Laugh, Love - cannot get enough of any of those!

  10. Botanist, thank you! Great mantra, I love it!

    Mama, thank you! I love that: Live, Laugh, Love. Gotta have something to keep sane. I should liken it to me, thanks for sharing the piece of heaven with me! <3

  11. So exciting - and I can't wait to read about your journey from here! Hmmm - I knew there was something missing from my life - I need a mantra!
    See you soon

  12. Laura, you're so cute! Thank you for your enthusiasm, it brightened my day! <3


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