Wednesday, December 4, 2019

#IWSG: An Author's Strategy

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*Once upon a time, my son came home filled with enthusiasm. A local author presented at his school. My son purchased and read the book within days. About a week later, he received an email from the author requesting reviews for the book.

I found the email strange in that the author had asked to please post the review only if the reader had enjoyed it. The author proceeded to ask the reader to *not* post a review if it wasn't liked but to respond to the email with why the book wasn't liked.

I pretended to be my son (knowing better since I'm a published author, I felt this was shifty) and asked the author that if I didn't like this book, why can't I write the review about it?

The author responded, saying that positive reviews are appreciated and help the book grow, but it's for the author to hear directly from his readers of how and why the book wasn't liked.

There is a level of trust this author had established of a personal kind at a school, having met and interacted with his readers who are impressionable young people willing to acquiesce--who wouldn't want to please a cool author whom you've met at your own school, right?

Scratching my head, thinking this as a brilliant ploy to keep ratings up, I wonder just how ethical it is to ask readers directly not to post negative reviews (all in the name of ratings. <--readers don't realize this, especially middle school kids).

I'm confused to decide whether it's honorable or deceptive on any level, because it would be nice to cash in on this as well if it's not devious in any way.

What are your thoughts on said author's strategies?

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*I ask that you forgive me for posting this late--I had written this over a month ago and forgot to schedule it! Eeek!


  1. That seems shady to me, especially given the age of the audience.

    1. I actually pretended to email him, pretending to my son, asking him if it was dishonest that he'd asked for us to not share our real thoughts or feelings. He said it wasn't because he was interested in knowing what he could do to improve his books. Hm...


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