Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#IWSG: Movies v. Books

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I have a complaint about movies.

We see someone shoot a gasoline spill which in turns blows up the gas station. We see a young girl beat up three grown men. A man hurls himself off a building and survives to beat the hero another day. 

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If we wrote those scenes into our books, why is it not acceptable and why is it that viewers of motion pictures are more willing to suspend belief? 

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We authors get lynched for not connecting the dots to logic’s dictation and I find that very annoying. 

Anyone else noticed the same? Or feel the same?


  1. I'm sorry! This just showed up in my Feedly Reader today.

    1. It's my fault--I've been all over the place but on blogger. I need to keep up!

  2. I think a lot depends on the genre (movie or book) and audience expectations. In an action/adventure movie, for example, you expect outrageous action. In fact, I think movie makers are being pressed by audience expectations to bring on ever-more-spectacular scenes that defy reality, otherwise people will leave dissatisfied. They get a pass precisely because that is what audiences demand.

    Books don't have that same pressure (which is probably a good thing) but correspondingly have to stick closer to reality.


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