Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Day #5 Masquerade Ball Bloghop: A Night Out

Hello! So today I’m hosting one of the authors from Masquerade: Oddly Suited. I’m keeping my guest anonymous as this is the “masked” part of our Ball. Each author will “unmask” his or her own character on April 30th when our book releases. What a way to bring it in! Welcome to the Masquerade Ball blog hop!

So, about my author guest: “I started writing poetry and short stories in my early years of primary school and won my first writing competition when I was a gap-toothed seven-year-old. I used to have a pink and purple typewriter when I was a kid and I sorely wish I had a grown-up version now! I've recently celebrated my 10th 'blogversary'.”

Here’s a sneak peek teaser you will not find in the publication. Enjoy!

The Tides Turn

The last shaft of moonlight disappears, and the weight of utter hopelessness floods me, dragging me deeper. I should be struggling against the current, kicking with all my strength to reach the surface. But I have nothing left to give. I close my eyes and clench my teeth against the pain, willing it to end.

It never ends.

The cold bites me all over like a thousand sharp fangs. But then it gnaws deep into my bones, eventually fading away to a dull ache. Then comes a desperate, sickening longing—a hunger that scrapes at my insides until I’m hollow.

I stretch, unfurling from my cocooned position. Something slimy slaps against my face and I snatch at the blur of green as it flashes past. A sharp scratch, and the water around me darkens. I recoil in horror at the claws that protrude from my bony hands. What have I become?

I surge through the water as if I can escape myself, escape my destiny.


The voices echo inside my mind, crisp and clear. Six pairs of glowing yellow eyes emerge from the darkness, surrounding me.

Leave me be!

A demon swims toward me, tangles of dark hair swirling behind it like seaweed.

Don’t be afraid. We’re here to help you.

Stay back, monsters!

No, no. We are your sisters.


Of course. You are no longer alone.

The monster embraces me with scaly arms and I shudder.

But what are you? What am I?

You’re one of us now. We’ve all been through this before. You must come with us.

Two of the creatures swim to my side, linking their arms with mine and dragging me through the water.

Where are we going?

We’re taking you to Cailleach Mara. She’s like a mother to us. She’ll explain everything.

I grow more confident with each stroke and the creatures release their hold on me. I ripple and glide through the ocean like an eel. Soon, the waves settle and my feet sink into the rough sand of the sea bed.

Can we go ashore?

Only by moonlight, when it’s time to hunt.


Don’t you feel that agonizing hunger?

My stomach and throat burn with the desperate need to feed. But I’m distracted by tingling, white-hot pinpricks from the waist down. My tail splits into two instantly.

What’s happening?

You’re shifting to your land form.

My shimmering scales disappear, dissolving into smooth flesh. I stagger onto the shore on my newly formed limbs. My saviours—or perhaps my captors—lead me across the pebbled beach to a shadowed cave beneath the looming clifftop.

“Cailleach Mara! Cailleach Mara! Cailleach Mara!”

The creatures all wail at once, their voices no longer ringing inside my mind but competing with the howling wind and the distant booms of thunder. A tiny glow of light appears within the cave, bobbing and growing brighter as it approaches. A terrible, one-eyed beast coming to devour me!

No, it’s only an old woman, dressed in rags and a dark cloak. She raises her lantern to my face, her wide eyes the same shade of gray as the sky.

“Greetings, daughters. I see we have been blessed with a new member of our family.”

“She’s starving, mother. Can you help her?”

The old woman places her wrinkled hands on my shoulders and smiles tenderly. “Poor child. I know what you’ve been through. All your life, people have used you and hurt you. But the tides have turned. Now you are the one with power. Now they will fear you.”

Wow, that was something else. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Can you guess which of the ten authors I hosted? No peeking!

“Don your mask and join the party”!

Thur. April 18th: L.G. Keltner https://lgkeltner.blogspot.com/
Fri. April 19th: Jennifer Lane http://jenniferlanebooks.blogspot.com
Sat. April 20th: Deborah Solice https://thefabulistdotblog.wordpress.com/
Mon. April 22nd: CD Gallant-King http://www.cdgallantking.ca/
Tues. April 23rd: Elizabeth Mueller https://elizabethmueller.blogspot.com/
Wed. April 24th: Chelsea Marie Ballard https://www.facebook.com/masqueradeoddlysuited
Thurs. April 25th: Carrie-Anne Brownian http://carrieannebrownian.wordpress.com
ri. April 26th: Myles Christensen www.myleschristensen.com
Sat. April 27th: Anstice Brown https://dustingthesoul.com
Mon. April 29th: Angela Brown http://publishness.blogspot.com/
Tues. Apr 30th: Book Release and The Unmasking (Just follow links above)!

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