Monday, October 29, 2018

In the Spirit of Spooky

cave with smokes
photo by Leximphoto on Unsplash

Over the years my tastes have changed. When I was a youngster, I lived for dressing up and collecting candy. I went as far as sewing my own costume and dressing up as a character from my own novel!

But somewhere, somehow, the zeal left me. I look back fondly at those enchanting times.

Just a note: Please be safe on your way out if you do decide to play! Also, be safe if you do decide to share your treats with little visitors. People are crazier and crazier and you never know!

What childhood things have you loved that you let go? 


  1. Mm, interesting question. I still am a kid at heart and have most of my dolls that I collected when I was young. I don't play with them anymore, but love having them to look at and reminding me of those carefree days. So I've let go of pretending the dolls are real people.

  2. I hope you had a safe Halloween. I used to love dressing up and getting candy. It was so much fun, yet I must admit it seems like a lot of hassle too. If I want candy, I'll go buy my own. Heh. I do like seeing everyone's costumes, though. That love hasn't changed.


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