Friday, April 15, 2016

Janette Rallison's The Girl Who Heard Demons #BookTour

Welcome to my home, the humble blog of Elizabeth Mueller! I am a homeschooling mother of five children ranging from the ages of 19 all the way to 3. When I saw that Janette Rallison was holding a book tour, my heart stopped. Though my time is riddled with the pidder padding of little feet and incessant voices fringed with high demands, I knew I could make time for Rallison; she is one of my most favorite authors! I knew I just had to get my hands on this book and share my eager thoughts.

*The Girl Who Heard Demons.

Imagine if you could hear demons. What would they say? What secrets would they hold? They slither and hiss and writhe about their victims, like a noxious cloud of leaking riddles. Never had they shared an omen, especially of their prey’s impending doom.

Adelle Hansen is an ordinary girl who bears an extraordinary gift. She can hear demons. Though this bane has been a part of most of her life, she suddenly pays particular attention when she overhears one celebrating the imminent demise of popular quarterback, Levi Anderson.

As I opened the book, I knew it would be a good one. I did wonder how Janette would execute a girl hearing demons, though. I imagined something along your paranormal romance, you know: demons and witches and vampires, oh my!

Was I wrong on that count.

She weaves a fascinating and intricate plot of intrigue, lies, and betrayal that Adelle must unravel—a race against unbelievers to save Levi’s life when it seems everything works against her.

I am impressed with how Janette spins the story. The pacing is steady; nary a dull moment as there is a surprise at every corner. The characterization is candid and impressive, the romance, swoon-worthy at best.

As cheesy as this sounds, I have a special bookshelf in my heart for Janette Rallison novels.

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*I received an ARC copy for an unaffected and honest review


  1. Wonderful review of Janette's latest book. I also loved it and thought she did a fabulous job.

  2. I'm honored to have a bookshelf in your heart!


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