Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Mysterious Ways

I'm sure we've all heard this phrase: The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Lately--as in the past few days kind of lately--I've had the urge to start thinking about moving sooner than later. Two real estate agents have combed through my house, but I liked how the second was energetic and informative.

I've requested the pay-off of my mortgage and we are waiting for that.

I have no idea when the house will sell and when it does, where we'll end up living (yes, I know in Texas, but we don't have a home to move into yet and my hubby has no car!). On top of that, the church in the city we want to move into is not returning our calls and we need all the help we can get. My cousin, however, has a friend who lives in the city we want to move into, but her friend doesn't know anyone who has a house to sell or rent. Ohummm

I really need a day of fasting and pondering and meditating. My days have been hectic--more so with the looming thought of a huge move, the pressure to drive 40 miles a day for "carpooling", and other overwhelming things.

While this is happening, my cousin called me, telling me she felt urged to share with me a few thoughts: 1) my family comes first. 2) be careful whom I associate with.

How timely. I've been facing hard decisions about when to pull my 16 year old son from school to start him on online classes. I wavered about this choice because I'm in a carpool where I do 99.9% of the driving to the high school. But yes, she was right. I put my family first and decided to enroll him for those online courses so that our transition when we move will be seamless. As for the other kids, well, that's another story!


  1. If you were doing all of the driving, then it wasn't a fair deal anyway. Not when you only have one car. You made the right choice.

    1. Hi, Alex! That's what I figured. I'm loving my new schedule right now. Thanks for dropping by. :)


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