Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Moving Forward

So, we've decided to start things--as in, selling our home--once our yard sale is done. I'm determined to get rid of much so that our home can be show-worthy. My hubby wants me to include our big screen television (from 5 or so years ago), but it looks nice in the living room, so I will leave that there until showing is done. When our house is purchased and it's time to skedaddle, I will have an official moving sale and include that TV.

I've been struggling to stay on top of my kids' cleaning. It was Day 4 in cleaning, and I'm using Fly Lady's decluttering method and I call it "clock cleaning" since we start at 12 o'clock for day one, 1 o'clock for day two. So on, so forth. So, we are at 3 o'clock and they are not motivated! Time is at hand for to hold that sale, and they are slow.

Well, will they despise me when their privileges will be on hold until they are all caught up and to my standards! No beads. No dust bunnies. No neat stack of books. Everything has a place and it will not be on their floors!

My color for the yard sale will be neon pink! It caught my eye faster than yellow or orange or green. Plus, the stores don't have neon green poster boards.

I need to get moving with or without the kids' help, it isn't far from now!

Have you ever "hosted" a yard sale? How did your first one go? How likely are you to hold another one? Any last words of advice for this newbie?

PS--I've been feeling the urge to place my 16 year old (Peanut) in online courses and have finally bitten the bullet! At first, with the homeschool program being a curriculum and not "accredited"--what the school and district staff had called it--I was told to sign an affidavit to pull my kid from the system lest he be arrested for truancy. You know, I have mixed feelings about that. So on the same note, the little devil on my shoulder says, "Why not have a law against cheating on your spouse?" Just saying...

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