Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Stories and Places

During our stay, my cousin took me to visit my grandparents' gravesites. I felt a longing deep inside, mourning how I had not known them. I visited the place where my grandma was baptised, and many other places dear to me that I've never visited before and I've visited this beautiful city many times
before as a child.

The gravesite

Where Grandma was baptised (1915)


Amazing how my grandma found a love for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, even in those days! Her mother, my Great Grandma Maria, was busy as a medium, communicating with ghosts for a living, and thus, left Grandma to what she desired.

We also did some sight seeing. The Riverwalk is a romantical place no one should ever miss! It runs under the busy city streets, lined with businesses with open patios overlooking the river! I've always loved the stonework in the arching bridge walkways and the cobbled stone paths.

Riverwalk by street level

a Riverwalk garden

My family entering the Alamo 5 minutes before closing. Hehe

The Alamo courtyard

The entire time we were there, we felt right at home. We belonged there. My children absolutely loved it and better, the family!

Have you been somewhere that spoke directly to your heart?


  1. Wonderful and beautiful! Especially the place your grandmother was baptized. That's an incredible thing to find. :)

    1. Hi, Bonnie! Yes, it was! I took a picture of an ancient, felled tree and have no doubt it was there when she was a little girl, walking through. Imagine that? Whoa...


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