Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Journey of Faith: The Seed is Planted

Once we arrived and I spoke with my aunt, and remembering our previous conversation on how we felt a strong pull to her hometown, she asked if we'd figured it out yet. I said that I had no idea, but that the kids couldn't stop talking about it, saying that they felt as though they'd left a piece of themselves behind (I did, too!) and we felt a yearning to return. Interesting, she replied. Interesting indeed.

So, what does this mean? We knew this is what Heavenly Father wanted us to experience, but did he want us to feel this loss? To have an instinctive longing to return? But why?

"I think we're supposed to move there," my hubby said after I'd been mulling over the significance of our desire of returning a few days later. That thought had been playing around in my head, too. It took me by surprise to hear him say my feelings out loud, though.

The more we thought, the more we felt it to be right.


  1. Wow! Maybe moving is what God was trying to tell you.

    1. It is a crazy roller coaster to say the least, and it hasn't happened yet (the move).

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