Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Refiner's Fire

Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns--even if we're following the yellow brick road. You know, that pathway in which Heavenly Father wants us to travel? Things here at home haven't been any earsier. Though my reasoning of moving sooner than later sounds Heaven-sent, it may not be. There are many things I need to do before heading south:

1) Sale of our house

2) Finding a place to live in Texas that is suitable for our needs

3) Qualifying for both

4) Paying off debt before then

5) Try to save a down payment for a new home

6) Making ends meet ...

And not necessarily in that order!

It seems the odds are against us moving sooner, doesn't it? Just because it feels onerous doesn't mean I should drop my quest, right?

Things don't always fall perfectly into place when we follow the Lord's will. Remember Job from the Bible Stories? He was favored of the Lord, yet, he faced many trials. Though we can't compare to Job to his degree of struggles, we can with the fact that we strive to honor Heavenly Father and are still grappling with our new pathway.

Things here at home haven't been easy. Some things have actually become more difficult and I'm faced with having to decide what needs to be done--and soon. Once I do, I take that to the Lord and then make my choice. Some of these are tough! But standing from distant point, I can see how it could lead to a better circumstance than if I had ignored my difficulties.

This brings to mind this heartfelt story of a woman who lost her family:

Press forward, and take heart! You are not alone...

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