Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Living on a Prayer

We prayed, asking Heavenly Father if these inspirations were of Him. It was confirmed. So we made our choice. We decided that we would move. We would move from Utah to Texas. A place where we've never set foot as a family mere weeks before.

Moving forward with our choice and knowing that it is His will, our test of faith began. Suddenly, my husband's commuter car broke down. Shortly, the family car followed. All within a two week period. We invested over $1000 for both vehicles to get into running condition--and it took over a month to do so. I desperately needed a car to drive my high school son (along with his buddies) twice a day on a 20 mile drive. There was no nonsense about that.

One of my kids suddenly suffered health issues that had me weeping every night.

Though my husband's employer was unaware of our obedience to the Lord's will, things started going badly for my man. Stressful things. Things that threatened his employment despite his 110%. We prayed and fasted for guidance and protection.

He did receive an offer, though it offered impressive pay, after much prayer, it didn't feel right. We held off. Then came the next job offer a week later. We prayed over that one and it felt right. He interviewed with flying colors. As we looked into it, we discovered that he had to have a Texas drivers license. Not only that, but a Texas residence for that, too! He was to also take a driving test in one of the company rigs and a drug test.

Tight on finances because of the auto repair and traveling to Texas before, we took the dive and sacrificed to have him fly down to Texas for these things. Talk about living on a prayer!

Ever heard of angels watching over you? My aunt and uncle gave us wings. They gave us wings to fly!


  1. Sometimes it takes that leap of faith. But that is meeting God halfway and he wants us to make the effort so He can do the rest. (Because He can't help someone who won't make the effort.)

  2. When you fly with angels' wings, you are flying beyond First Class. God bless you!


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