Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Isolation

I've never had a problem making and keeping friends. When I first moved to Utah at 21, I immersed myself in many friendships. After marriage, I had no problems keeping the friends from before. As time marched forward and the further north we moved, the more difficult it became to make and keep friends; all the ones in the past have either moved out of state, or we fell out of contact--but when we do reconnect, it is as though time had not passed.

To this day, I've had difficulties keeping friends and couldn't figure out why! It's easy enough to say hi, to do cute things for them; I love pixing cookies, fresh loaves of bread, even drawings for my friends' sick children, and dropping off watermelons on the side doors!

In fact, my entire family has been as the square peg. I have to admit, yes, this hurts, it does. So, one day (which, after all these years, I've finally decided to pray over it) and not too long ago, I decided to take it to Heavenly Father (yes, this was before we discovered our mission to travel to our personal promised land in Texas). I asked Him if our isolation was something He desired. Yes. I felt the Spirit burn in my heart. It is no coincidence...

It then came to me that friendships have not been forged and strengthened as they have in the past so as to make our move obvious for when the time comes. The Lord does move in mysterious ways and not as we'd always hope for.

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