Friday, October 16, 2015

My Journey of Faith: How it Started

Have you ever felt a push into an entirely different direction and couldn't explain why? This is what my family is going through and I'm going share our journey of faith here on my blog. A journey that will carry you through it all, even past the day of arrival... (I will post every day until I am caught up with current events and then I will post as things go along, please bear with me!)

As I child, I learned how much of a difficult childhood my father had. How his mother and sisters "abused" him. I've never heard it any other way. Then one day, May the 15th to be exact, I decided to get into touch with my aunt, his sister, and ask her what her side of the story was. I learned so much, and it opened my eyes.

Well, my aunt and I grew closer and we've spent hours on the phone, laughing and catching up. Then one day on June 11, a thought suddenly hit. I asked her if it was possible that we could visit her in Texas. She responded later that evening that we are welcome and how her daughter and grandkids are excited to meeting their cousins. Then on July 21, my hubby said that he couldn't shake the feeling that we should go down and visit Texas. Did he know that I'd been thinking the same thing? We both felt that the Lord had something for us to learn there. Guess what it was?

Have you ever felt inspired to do something without an explanation?


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