Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Journey of Faith: Dream Big!

All of my hubby's life, he's been wanting to live out in the country. He grew up working on a farm. He grew up taking care of cows and horses and chickens. He's not afraid of getting into a hobby farm. He also wants to invest in deseret and a few pigs and maybe goats.

I am a city girl. I was raised a city girl. Do I want to die a city girl? Nope. Having fallen in love with horses while in elementary school and studied and read up on them all the days of my youth, I am not shy to living on many acres and the challenges that come with that sort of living. In fact, my kids are looking forward to that kind of life! I do plan to homeschool.

Maybe my writerly muse will awaken from his deep slumber and hurl me into a whirlwind of inspiration? We shall see.

We are aiming for our big day to happen when the school year is out. I pray that things fall into place and we have a painless transition!

Do you have any tips you'd like to share with us?


  1. With that kind of change in your life, I bet your muse will awaken.
    I wouldn't want an actual farm, but several acres for dogs and cats would be cool. And for my wife and I, of course.

    1. Aw, you like cats??? Which is your favorite kind? Mine is the Norwegian Forest cat! :P


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