Wednesday, December 3, 2014

When a Hiatus goes Wrong

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Just a little something to keep going if you ever find yourself stuck in any way. Yep, bouncing back from the netherworld is proving a big challenge. One day, I will reclaim my throne. Until then ...



  1. Eek! Reminds me of a nightmare one of my daughters had: "Mommy, I dreamed you were mad at me and green!"

  2. As Dorrie would say, Keep on Swimming. Some days I'd prefer to curl up and take a nap but I keep on going.

    1. Oh, so true! It's hard sometimes to keep going when the road I travel seems to unravel right before my eyes!

  3. I've heard this definition of failure before. You only fail if you stop trying. It's stuck with me always!

  4. Complete agreement. You have to keep going!


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