Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Help keep Babies out of the Dumpster

Did you know that one of Project Cuddle's many rescued babies had been adopted by its Founder and CEO, Debbe Magnusen? Yes, Emily Magnusen was a rescue baby, here is her heartfelt story. I had asked for her permission to share her story because of how poignant and important this is, and she would love for anyone to do so as well.

"My birthmother was a drug addict and prostitute ... she wanted to abort me because she thought I would be a vegetable"

"Most, if not all of my friends, should know that I am adopted. Not all of you know my story.

My birthmother was a drug addict and prostitute. She told my adoptive mom, Debbe Magnusen, that she wanted to abort me because she thought I would be a vegetable. My mom told her not to that there [are] alternatives to her situation and here I am today, healthy and alive, thanks to her.

But my point that I want to get across is not everyone knows that there are options out there, that is why with this tragic event* that has struck so close to home, we need to get the word out there that there are options and and safer alternatives to baby abandonment--I'm living proof.

Go to to learn about these alternatives and get the word out there. My mom is the founder and CEO and she has helped girls in every situation. There is no judgement and she can help. She has rescued over 600 babies and counting ... Instead of spreading mean and hateful words, let's step above that and spread knowledge ... If you have any questions about volunteering ... you can go to the link I shared above."

*Tuesday morning, an infant was discovered in a garbage receptacle outside the birthmother's home. The birthmother and Emily are friends.

400,000 women in the US alone hide their pregnancies every year because of fear of a violent partner, rejection, disappointing others, religion, financial, cultural, shame of rape, etc.

Out of these pregnancies and according to reported incidences, over 20,000 babies are abandoned  each year--and those are the ones who have been found; because of the nature of the secret pregnancy, many babies go on unreported and die.

Because of organizations such as PROJECT CUDDLE, fewer babies die in trash bins, rest rooms, out in the weather and women no longer suffer in silence as well as with unassisted deliveries in homes throughout the country. The Safe Haven Laws allows women to give up their babies without judgment, without name.

Project Cuddle has saved over 750 babies from abandonment in the US and into Canada since 1996.

Because of my passion for babies and protecting them, I have written a book first person of a girl who unwittingly became pregnant and is terrified of what she will do. I wrote Baby's Breath so as to help spread this knowledge Emily is referring to.

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am 16. I had sex with Joshua. I never thought I'd end up pregnant and now I am terrified. I've heard of babies found in dumpsters. I am better than that. I will make sure someone finds him first before the cold does.


  1. What a touching story. Iit's so difficult to understand how someone could abandon a baby when there are options.

    1. I agree with you! It's so heartbreaking when women abandon their babies in cruel places as well or kill them believing it will all go away. :'(

  2. If they aren't already, they should be talking about this in schools. If young people don't know that there are Safe Haven Laws, they won't know to utilize them.

    1. I agree with you on that! The states don't fund a program to promote awareness! In fact, no one officially records how many babies are truly abandoned and only go by reported incidences. So sad...

  3. I love your passion for your causes! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you, Kim! As I do you. You're awesome for your desire to protect our young women! You know how cool it would be to get both of these books on a signing together? Wow!!! <3


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