Monday, May 26, 2014

Knowing What to Write in a Blogpost part 2

Last week I shared with you how daunting it has been for me. As I read the post title and viewed the number of impressive hits, I realized something...everyone is hungry for knowledge; you were hoping to find some helpful advice but maybe were disappointed when my post mentioned just how lost over it I was!

Another thing I realized is that I've been searching for "See a need, fill a need." What about, "See a want, fill a want"? Aren't wants just as powerful as needs? People are constantly seeking comfort and joy, right? Plus, if I follow my drive to obey what I want to post rather than what I need to post, it will reflect honesty and not feel forced.

Writing a blog post is very much like writing a book: always keep your eyes open for inspiration: One day I was driving down the street and saw a car with a right-seated driver. I have never seen a right-seated car before and it stuck with me. Another was when the wind blew so hard, it tossed my tent from my yard. We searched the neighborhood and couldn't find it. Guess what? It was in my backdoor neighbor's yard!

How do I weave this into a blog post? The thought regarding the right-seated driver brings to mind that being different takes courage and can impact others to the point that they realize it isn't so bad. For the tent, the answer is simpler than you'd believe if you just stopped and breathed...

Writing your post short and snappy (like the bikini method--small enough to keep it interesting, but cover the important details) makes for a great post!

I enjoyed the helpful comments left on my other post, if you're interested in reading them!

How do you find your inspiration for your blog posts? What tips do you have that work great for you? 


  1. Unless I am doing a prompt I seldom do much planning and sometimes not even then. I have faith that the universe will let me know what needs tending.

    On that note, I should pay more attention to what and how I write. I've had some pretty horrible posts.

    I guess that may be one of the reasons I will never be a successful writer. I don't take it seriously enough to plan. My attention is divided.

    This morning I am painting a canvas and blogging. Does my split attention to detail take away from my product. Maybe, maybe not.

    Most of the time my best work flows from the brush and the fingers as if someone else is in charge. These times are when I do my best work.

    1. Gail, maybe I am overworrying about this as I tend to do. I feel that your inner self still shines through your blog as you are the prism and the colors of every facet of your life shine through every work you produce, blogging included. Sheesh, why don't I ever apply that to myself? *hugs*

    2. What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you.

      I am the poster child for insecure writers and artists but call myself neither.

      Still traveling along the path even though I veer off now and then. I always seem to write some thing and paint too.

      If I could capture the moment when I'm in the middle of a creation for the lack of a better word, I would be confident and fluent with my bravery.

      So many people have helped me here with encouragement and education.

      I'm not sure I could leave blogging but I'm a lazy booger when it comes to commenting.

  2. I never have problems coming up with blog post items. The news alone would fill them, although that is something I need to cut back on, as it makes for some really long posts...

    1. Aw, Alex, but everyone LOVES your posts and wants to be a part of your news. ;)

  3. I call those 'serendipity moments' when something seems to have happened just for your benefit. Like seeing a righthanded driver.

    Those are observation skills and if you think it's a seed of an idea you could build on, keep track of it by writing it down or making a page in your computer. I keep a stack of ideas nearby which includes story ideas, blogpost ideas, and I also look through the news for items I am interested in such as environment, art, etc. Your research would likely be interesting to many of us. I blog less than many, but try to provide quality content. I keep working at it. Good luck!

    1. Hello, DG! I agree with you. I feel that while blogging is a great balance to getting to know others, it's also important to remember we also have lives to tend to elsewhere. Thanks for the luck, I really need it! ;D

  4. I always seem to come up with more topics than I can ever post. Even now I have a queue of topics lined up, but they seem to keep getting bumped with new ideas that seem to take precedent.

    My ideas come from all over the place including news stories, blog comments, and things that just strike me during the day. I'm like you in that I keep trying to hit on the ideas that will most lure in readers without me having to do a lot of networking legwork, which is usually the primary way of getting blog visits.

    Topics that seem to generate the most visits and comments are the ones about blogging. The posts I've done about comments almost always get a good response even though they are rather redundant ideas that regularly appear on other blogs as well as mine.

    Often the posts that I want people most to read are the least visited. Those are the ones that I'd like to figure out how to lure the visitors to.

    Blogging can be such a mystery. Most of us bloggers are probably wondering the same things you are.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi, Lee!!!! Yes, I remember those glory days of blogging. I was where you are right now with blogging. I have a folder full of ideas and I had them scheduled several months in advance and always had to reinvent that schedule as more kept pouring in. Right now blogging poses as a challenge for me, but I am trying to get back on my feet. Thanks for the insight, I've missed you!

  5. Sometimes the posts come easy and sometimes I just have no ideas. Now I keep a little list of things that pop into my head and when I feel the urge I right them as "future posts". --Oh I also look at the keyword searches for my site.

    1. I'm with you, I can smell my brain sizzling from having to think of snappy useful ideas that readers would enjoy. I like the idea of having a little list, I need to do that, too. (Graying haired lady here, ack!)


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