Monday, August 12, 2013

My Favorite Gadgets!

I posted this article back in March of 2011, and since I've been out of sync with the blog gods, I needed to refresh my noggin. So I decided to republish this to keep up on top and for your viewing pleasure.

I've been slammed with pure inspiration to host a BLOG HOP! This is going to be an absolute no brainer and tons of FuN! I plan to keep the linkie to this hop up indefinitely so you can refer to it and watch it grow with the COOLEST authors around. Sounds exciting, right? YES!

It's going to give writers, published and non, a chance to share their passion in a single tagline. "An author tagline is a saying that embodies your writing subject, why you write, and what you want your stories to achieve.-> sorta like a slogan," says Virginia Lori Jennings on my FaceBook Timeline.

My favorite author tagline is Ali Cross's: stories that transcend the ordinary.

Wow, isn't that just great? :)

I will blog about how to gather your thoughts on what your books stand for, how they apply to your upcoming tagline for the Author Tagline BlogHop, and how to come up with one. I will do my best to share my ideas on I came up with mine, I, by no means, am a guru on this. Just little ole me.

Happy Weekend!

So onto the Old Blog Post:

I've decided to share with you my secret gadgets that I feel help improve my blog. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Are you ready for the revealing? ;)

Link Within <== the "You might also like" tool at the bottom of my every post with the trio of pictures from previous postings.

Blog Buttons <==Clarissa Draper reveals how to create those nifty bloggie buttons with the html codes at the bottom scrolly window. So COOL!

Site Meter <==a way to spy on how (and where and how long) many fans are stalking ya! It's cool, and best of all, free! <==want to break out from drawing names from the old hat routine? Just go here! 

Simply-linked <==want to provide blank spaces for your bloggie palz to enter blogfests, hops or other party things? Easier than Mr. Linky. Promise.

The Blog Guidebook <==Whoa! A saver if you're trying to figure out how to soup up your blog! :)

Your turn! What secret gadgets do you have hidden in your blog?


  1. Hi Elizabeth .. really helpful post & I won't tell anyone else! Cheers Hilary ..

  2. Thanks for the tip on Simply Linked! Didn't know there was an alternative to Mr. Linky-link guy.

  3. Er... none! LOL!!!!

    It took me a while to even understand the Mr Linky thingy and what it does!! :-)

    Take care

  4. Secret gadgets!!? None...only to regularily post something...

  5. I'm married to a techi. =) He teaches me all the secrets.

    Incidentally, an award for you:

  6. Wow, cool! More blog gadgets. I love them.

  7. I have no special gadgets. I'm kind of a techno-loser. So, thanks for all the great info!

  8. oh so cute, i used to LOVE him, go go gadget ARM

  9. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I personally don't like the five other suggestions under each post, but this is mainly a question of putting too much on the page. A different layout or just block text or keywords could work for me, but not the pictures. (personal thing)

    The site meter, uhh that's a good one.

    Just to let you know, I'm hosting my first ever blogfest from Sunday on. Maybe you'd like to join, it's short and I think you would like it.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  10. Thanks for the useful info! I will definitely use some of these gadgets on my blog! ;)

  11. Oh thanks for those.
    I have got some of those on my blog.
    I have also noted that Dom of Writes of Passage seems to have some great add ins on his blog that I covet! :O)

  12. Some good recommendations here that I will have to look into. I'm always interested in whatever will make my blog better.

    Tossing It Out

  13. Greats gadgets. Thanks for sharing

  14. Hi Elizabeth, You might want to check out the winner on my blog!

  15. Great tips Elizabeth! While I'm always trying to speed up my blog by reducing the number of plug-ins, Link-within is the number one tool all bloggers should have. Easy to use and invaluable for helping readers find related content. I dumped Sitemeter in favor of Google Analytics since it has more features and is more accurate. I haven't tried the others, so I may give them a whirl. Nice!

  16. Great post! These gadgets are so useful! :D

  17. Wow, a lot of really great links. Thanks for sharing them with us. I appreciate the help.

  18. Hi, Hilary, I'm glad you liked it. I hope it helps! ;)

    Liz, you're very welcome! I think it's a whole lot easier, too. :D

    Jennifer, sometimes too may links gets confusing. :D

    Paul, that's good, too! Maybe all them gadgets slows the old blog down, hu? :/

    Cheesy, great for you! Dontcha just love being married to someone who is gifted? Makes life easier. :D Ooh, an award? Thank you! <3

    Clarissa, yes! And one of them is thanks to you! ;)

    Shari, don't say that! I learned all of these from friends. A-hem. :(

    CCH, cute, hu? My kids love the movie. :)

    Alex, you're welcome!

    Nahno, block texts? That's a great idea. It wouldn't slow blogger down for the person accessing it. Thank you for inviting me for your blogfest--sounds way fun, i'll go over and visit! :)

    Catherine, you're welcome! I hope that you find them easy and fun to use. :)

    Madeleine! I'll have to go over and see what gadgets Dom has and see if I can figure them out. Thank you. :D

    Arlee, you're welcome! Glad to be of some help. :)

    Talha, thank you. :)

    Clara, ooh, really? Okay!! Thank you, heading over there now...

    Maurice, wow, really? I guess I should spend more time on Google Analytics, at the time, I didn't understand and went to Sitemeter. thanks for the push. :)

    Laura, thank you! It's great to see you! <3

    Regina, you're welcome! :D

  19. Asma, you're welcome! I hope you can use them. :)

  20. Thanks for some of these great ideas. I knew about some, but some are new ones for me. I am always looking for ideas to improve my blog.


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