Monday, August 26, 2013

Author Branding, Platforms and Taglines ... Oh My!

Crystal Collier inspired this post. This was her comment to my last one regarding what a tagline is:
"It's true--author branding is all about the tagline, eh?"
Brilliant, Crystal, just brilliant!

So, what is author branding? I remember when I started out my career, I was thoroughly confused as to what a platform was. Later, author branding. (No, it's not a hot iron to your rump ... OUCH!)

First, your platform is how you actively live your author branding, how you present yourself to your target audience as you handle Public Relations. Next, your author brand is what you *want* to be known for so as to hit your target audience.

So, what is your target audience? Well, I really love The Lorax. I relate a whole lot to Ted. Though he is not an author, he has to start from scratch for his business. Thee a thneed, fill a thneed, right? He made a thneed, the Lorax thought it was ridiculous. Ted was not, by all means, discouraged by the Lorax's rejection. Why? Well, because this little guy was NOT his target audience. That hit me hard. Just because someone hates your work, doesn't mean you bite; it just means those readers are not your target audience.

So who is your target audience? Think about your books--your author branding. What do you want to be known for?

If you already know that, then think on this: A tagline is your author branding summed up in words.

Do I hear any wheels turning?


  1. All the best with your author branding and taglining!! Let those wheels turn!! Yay! Take care

  2. Very interesting, well worth thinking about.

  3. Hopefully I've been doing it right. Two words? Ninja Captain!

  4. Ah-ha! Light bulb moment... That's a great help!

  5. I'm definitely thinking in terms of author branding, although I'm yet to hit on a good tagline.

    1. Your muse will come to your aid when the time comes, and it will be good! :D

  6. Thanks--I need to strengthen my stories for my target audience.


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