Monday, April 29, 2013

New Beginnings

So I took longer a hiatus than I intended and life has become so full, I don't know where to begin! From having a new baby, to my hubby being laid off and finding a job a month later, then having to commute over an hour away, to raising all five kids ranging from 16 years to 0 without my man around is giving me handfuls of white hair! Not to mention we're planning on moving closer to his job come the end of the school year and selling our house ...

On the meanwhile, I am focusing on breathing day by day and enjoying my kids--especially the newest one!
My little boy is healthy and strong and growing oh so fast! Here are his cute little feet that I'm using as my profile pic over on Facebook:

As far as my writing is concerned, my muse has been patient with me and decided to hibernate all these many months past. But I can feel him stirring and his ravenous appetite has me almost at a loss because ... how am I going to squeeze his demands in with all the rest?

I guess writing is a survival need for my sanity, I will force the time to write. I hope.

What have you been up to these past 12 months? Share with me your successes, I'd LOVE to hear them!


  1. Wow, that's a busy year you're having! Congratulations on the new little man. :-)

    Our twin girls arrived just before Christmas and we got to have them both home for the holidays, which was such a blessing. I've been busy balancing their needs with my writing work and I'm all set for the release of my second novel later this year, while working on the final part of the trilogy which will hopefully be out in 2014.

    I've never been busier, of happier, in my whole life.

    1. Paul! Congrats on your beautiful girls, how exciting! I understand balancing baby needs with writing. That has been super challenging. It seems that the baby senses every time I sit down to do something for myself and decides he's hungry or something. ;)

      I'm excited for your upcoming book, I'd love to hear more about it. :D

    2. The girls are usually pretty well-behaved. We've had them sleeping through the night since they were 10 weeks old, and they're on a fairly constant feeding schedule.

      Silent Oath is shaping up well. I've started sharing snippets on Twitter. I keep thinking it was an easy edit, since it needed far fewer passes than Locked Within. But then I remind myself that I had to do a complete re-write, from scratch, of the manuscript I originally sent to my publisher before they offered me the contract :-p

  2. Beautiful Elizabeth!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwww!! You have a new baby!! And he is ADORABLE!!! Look at those tiny tiny tiny feet and toes! He is LOVELY!!!!!

    I am just so happy things have turned out well for you and your family. Hubby losing his job must have been just awful but thank heavens for a positive outcome! Good luck with your intended move! And above all may your Muse continue to stir awake and inspire you with lots of writerly ideas!

    Welcome back!!! And welcome to Baby!!! Take care

    1. Hi! I've missed you and thought about you often, you know. :D

      Thank you. I really hope that my Muse stays awake because I feel my writing brain has become a fragile thing.

      Great to see you again!

  3. what a world of events... welcome back to the world we have been waiting.

    1. Thank you! Shame that I've forgotten many things about blogging--like sizing a youtube video down to fit. Can you believe that? I used to be savvy. I'll just have to relearn it all. :P

  4. Hey Elizabeth! Congratulations on the new addition. Glad your husband was able to find a job.
    My next book comes out in September and I'm not sure I'll continue writing after that. I do have an idea for a story, so who knows.

    1. Alex, hi! Great to see you drop by. You're one prolific guy, I really admire you. Someday I'll grow up to be just like you...

      Congratulations on your next book, you must be one proud daddy. ;) Shame I have not purchased any of your books, but I'd love to and share them with my son, he's SO into the kind of books you write.

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