Monday, July 23, 2012

baby steps

It's amazing what turns life takes us, and we are left with a choice. There are so many things I've been faced with the past several months that I feel lost in the woods. For starters, traditional versus non in the publishing world. I've seen first hand many things authors enduring things that make me balk and weep for them when it comes to traditional. True, that option does give you a marketing buffer compared to the non, but is it really worth all your hard work when you get only cents per book (practically, c'mon exaggeration was invented for a purpose)?

I'm not quite sure if self quite fits my needs; I still have a lot of "growing up to do" where it concerns which to choose. I almost feel like Alice in Wonderland, faced with a road in which I need to choose. However, unlike Alice I know which NOT to choose. So perhaps that narrows it down a bit.

It still does not make it any easier.

For now, I'm sticking with hauling tail in just writing. Marketing Darkspell has grown more difficult since I have no other books out, but I'm like a dormant volcano waiting for its time.

How's your journey? Has it become more confusing the further you travel, or clearer?


  1. My journey has been an interesting one. I did decide to go the traditional route, but with a smaller press. The people at Hydra Publications (which I've only been with since my previous publisher closed its doors a month ago) have accepted me with open arms and treat me like family. I love them! And now I'm seeing things shift and change within the company. In the past 2 weeks, we've had a Marketing Director, Gaming Director and now a Art Director named (and I think more are to come). It's an exciting time! And I totally feel like I made the right choice for me and my book.

    Good luck to you, Elizabeth, in whatever you decide to do! Whatever you write next and however you publish it, I want to buy it. :)

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Good to hear from you.
    I'm actually doing all right. Working on my third and final book right now. Yes, final - I never planned on taking this crazy ride.

  3. I thought your book was already out. Is it traditional or non?

    I have been adamant about going the traditional route since I began this writing journey. But the longer I walk this road, the more I see traditional isn't the only way to go. Especially when agents send me form rejections while beta readers insist I should just self publish my work for e readers.

    My best friend (who also writes) and I are creating a "plan" in which we give ourselves a timeline. This timeline involves more critiques, writing conferences and writing contests. But, at the end, if nothing comes of it, we've decided to look into self publishing or going with a smaller publishing house.

  4. And what a most dazzling explosion you will be lovely Elizabeth!!! Keep going!! Take care

  5. It's a tough road no matter which fork we choose. I've been so turned off by traditional, even more so of late with Penguin purchasing a vanity press which we all know only takes advantage of authors. So sad. I think small publishers or even completely indie is the way to go now days. The beauty of it though is that now we have a choice.

  6. I've got one more agent query out on my mythological romance and then after that I think I need to look into self-publishing, 'cause I really want to get my work out into the world. But I want to do it well and I'm worried about how much money that'll take! Gah!

    Good luck to you, Elizabeth, and us all in figuring it all out! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. My journey is currently all about the writing itself. I haven't got to a stage where I'm ready to query yet.

  8. I'm still in the revising stages and unsure which path I'll follow next.

    Good luck to you, Elizabeth.


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