Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Beginning of My End, yet, the End of My Beginning...

I haven't been true to my blog for the longest time and I apologize to you.

Sadly, I've been stretched so far, so tight, and for so long that I am breaking apart. I had actually thought I found my platform for blogging--it should be the same as my books. My books are to help inspire and strengthen my readers because it's my passion to help others know that there is always hope in any darkness found in life--if I could find it, so can you.

A friend of mine helped me realize that I should be applying the same basis to my blog, which, shameful enough, I haven't. She gave me many ideas on how to make it so and it's a huge undertaking for my fragile state of mind.

Fragile state of mind? Really, me?

Well, yes.

For me, being a published author takes a LOT of guts. Not only do I write, but I must edit. And network. And help other authors by critiquing. And then book signing. Then public appearances. Also being tough when it comes to loud opinions about my book that aren't too nice as well. Oh, so many facets behind the doors that aspiring authors may be so blissfully unaware of . . .  I must be doing this for the love of writing, not for the money of writing because that is slow-going, too.

I need a desperate vacation from blogland, though I admit I've been flaky in this for the past several months and I'm sorry for that. What I'm going to do over the next several months is catch up with my writing career (I'm not exaggerating when I say there are SO many books to write with SO little time), and I also need space to think of revamping my blog altogether.

I seriously want to personalize and apply my true platform--the basis of my books--to my blog. The color scheme and column space will change, too. I want it to be personal, you know, like you're visiting an honest friend's blog who isn't ashamed to share her heart with you, that kind of thing--I'm not ashamed even now to share my heart with you, but I need to liken my blog to my heart even now.

If you'd really like to keep up with me, I'd love to see you on Facebook where I'm constantly updating my wall with current events, you're welcome to fan me to keep up with my latest work on my upcoming books.

If you're interested in reading some of my books FREE, click here (the springboard of my books before they launch into the world).

Again, thank you for following me, for your support and many wonderful comments. *HUGS*


  1. I can understand it is tough keeping up with everything to do with your writing, and afterall, the writing of your books comes before the blog, good luck with all the projects you've got planned and see you soon with your newly vamped blog! Also, thank you for the lovely comments you left on mine:)) Best wishes,
    Claudette :)

  2. I understand hitting the point of too much.
    Step back, do some writing, regain your focus, and come back with a vengeance

  3. I'm trying to make some changes to my blog too. *sigh* I subscribed to your facebook page. I'm looking forward to reading your updates! :)

  4. Hang in there, Elizabeth - I know that, to varying degrees, we are feel that strain to do more, more, more!!! Gah, WHEN????? :-)

    Never mind; everything balances out, eventually. We need to be patient with ourselves as we struggle to even out the scales. Good luck!

    Some Dark Romantic

  5. Wait! You mean once you're published it isn't all rainbow and cupcakes? I completely understand the need for balance. It's such a hard thing to find. I look forward to the 'new and improved' blog!
    Good luck with all the projects.

    1. I couldn't figure out why my comment came up with that username. Apparently, my daughter used my computer.

  6. Lovely Elizabeth!! You do what makes you happy and what works for your writing!! Enjoy your break, take your time, see you soon and even if we'll miss you terribly, we'll be here for you as always! Take care

  7. Good luck with everything!

  8. Sounds like you have a really full plate right now! Take it easy & I look forward to seeing where your blog goes in future. For now I will find you on Facebook :)


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