Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for ... Watched Series Virtual Book Tour!

What a book!

Book Review: Protected by Cindy Hogan

Sequel to Watched, Cindy Hogan out does herself. Again.

Fifteen year-old Christy Hadden hates life back home. At her school trip in
Washington, D.C., she had a glimpse at  what it felt like to belong--until the murder. Now in Montana, she slips back into the little nobody she feels she is until Alex--the love of her life--finds her. And so does the danger...

Hogan is extremely creative and a goddess of character creation as she  whips up many  well-rounded profiles as  well as personalities for Christy when she is swept into the FBI's  Witness Protection Program.

I loved learning with Christy as she fought for reformation to fit the character of a snobby cheerleader way out in Florida--far from the cozy comfort of her home, but I felt as if she submitted emotionally to this a bit easily in regards to her former life. Though Cindy Hogan mentions Christy's mourning after the fact, I  would've loved to have felt a bit of Christy's mourning for the sudden loss of her family soon after she  was taken into safety.

It feels as if I'm missing something  when it comes to a very particular set of black-ops FBI agents who are the parents of an important character. They feel out of place since they let their distaste for Christy  sway their attitude  toward her. I could only hope that the author has done this quite intentionally for the next book's  twist.

This story kept me turning the pages as I became fascinated by the turn of events as  well as Christy's transformation into Michele, and  later Ari. It's because of authors like Cindy Hogan that I couldn't put the book down!

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  1. The book sounds interesting indeed!
    I might see if I can get hold of it as soon as I finish reading the two books I've had in mind to read for a while.
    Hope there were no spoilers in your review!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Watched series sounds awesome, or should I say, "W"onderful.

  3. It's great that the follow up is as amazing as the first! Yay! Take care

  4. W hat a fun W ay to incorporate W 's into your post.

    W is for Winning America's Future through Creative Schools on Main Street Arts

  5. WoW! You make Watched sound Wonderful!

  6. This sounds like a pretty good read!


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